boots NEW ROCK - 7605-S1 - Itali Negro

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ATTENTION: DISCOUNT REASON: DAMAGE!The product is new and unused, this defect originated during production The damage is caused by external effects.The products may show the following defects:1.Leather wrinkles (l .. more

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boots NEW ROCK - 7605-S1 - Itali Negro



The product is new and unused, this defect originated during production
The damage is caused by external effects.
The products may show the following defects:
1.Leather wrinkles (leather jacket and pants)
2.Initial rust on the metal components
3.Stains on the materials
4.Faded color
5.Different colors of the shoes (colors of the left shoe may differ from the right)
6.Slight deformation of the shape (wallet)

Damage to the same products may vary slightly.

(all pictures shown are for illustration purpose only)

NEW ROCK is one of the world's best shoe companies.

NEW ROCK products are sold in 65 countries around the world. The quality of the products and what is important - the uniqueness of the designs - NEW ROCK has gained fans among the biggest stars of rock music and show business. Brand NEW ROCK bet primarily on naturalness - that's why the shoes are made entirely of natural leather, metal and rubber. These shoes use a special technology that guarantees absolute comfort when using them. Each pair of NEW ROCK shoes has an antibacterial insole, which, in addition to having antiseptic properties, also shapes optimally to each foot. The sole has a number of air chambers, which guarantee many years of use of these shoes. NEW ROCK shoes are really very thoroughly made, they have a lot of details and they are really in very high quality.

Manufacturer: NEW ROCK, Spain.

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