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10-eyelet-shoes "glade" brand STEEL made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing. High-quality leather shoes! Height about shoes.: 25 cm. Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm. Com .. more

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leather boots women's - STEEL

10-eyelet-shoes "glade" brand STEEL made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing.

High-quality leather shoes!

Height about shoes.: 25 cm.

Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm.

Composition: genuine leather, synthetic leather and metal.

The toe is metal reinforcement (finger protection).

Color: Black.


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Nano (Moscow) 11.09.2021

До какой температуры воздуха можно их носить?

Nikolay Kravtsov (Penza ) 24.08.2021

Здравствуйте! Пишу на mail мне не отвечают. Я хотел изменить заказ, купить более дорогую обувь, но мне перестали отвечать. Я хочу получить свои ботинки которые заказал, потому что сейчас очень холодно и мне нечего носить. Прошла неделя со времени моего заказа. Скажите пожалуйста когда будет отправлен заказ N210113373*? Hello! I write to the mail I do not get an answer. I wanted to change the order, buy more expensive shoes, but they stopped responding to me. I want to get my shoes that I ordered, because it's very cold right now and I have nothing to wear. A week has passed since my order. Please tell me when the order N210113373* will be sent?

Koss (Асино) 22.06.2021

А чего это они жениские-то???

- Обращаем Ваше внимание. что по информации предоставленной нам производителем товара данная модель является женской.

Marian (KOSICE) 10.01.2021

presnejsom merani skoro 28 cm vlozka topanky

- Hello, the insole length 28 cm is size 44.

Marian (KOSICE) 10.01.2021

dobry ako mam zistit ktora velkost bude sediet beznu topanku mam 42 dlzka vlozky v topanke je27,5

- Hello, size 42 has an insole length of 27 cm. Vel. 43 has an insole length of 27.5 cm.

Iranis 14.09.2020

Zdravím, mám dĺžku chodidla zhruba 30,5cm. Bude mi veľkosť 47 stačiť?

- Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, size 47 will suffice. Nice day!

Bianka (Litomyšl) 14.01.2020

Hello, I would like to ask a battery size to order a shoe when I have size shoe inserts 26.5cm. Thank you for your reply.

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. I would recommend size 41.

Martin (Praha) 11.11.2019

Hello, I have a question about the screws in the sole. Does these have any function or is it just an ornament? Takme are not tightened and turn slightly when tightened. Thank you for answer.

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. The screws have a rather decorative function. They have no effect on the cohesion of the sole.

Luboš (Havlíčkův Brod) 18.09.2019

Good day. I would like to buy these great shoes (some 27 cm foot) + accessories (spare laces and some cream). Since I am from the Highlands so I am afraid that I would order a number smaller or larger and that they would then be useless. Is it possible to try these shoes in a shop in Prague to make it really fit? Thank you for your reply and for how great you are :-)

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. What you ask of course is possible. Make an online order with a personal collection at the store. We will deliver the goods there. There you can try and evaluate everything.

Gabriela 05.08.2019

Best shoes I've ever had. I've had them for almost a year and they're still new. Though they were a little harder to break up, they only needed a little love, patience, and a lot of wax, and finally they yielded. They have survived a lot, from wading in the snow, through concerts and pogging to unbearable heat. All they needed was good maintenance. For me 10/10. I recommend

Matej (Nitra) 10.05.2019

We continue. Boots are not natural leather, but some cheaper replacement, combined with synthetics, we are loz. Don't buy it. Buy a martensky or in the same price category. red rooster, which is more light, made of waterproof leather, which wears and socks to the feet and especially much more comfortable. Every couple lasted at least three years of intense wear and dozens of concerts.

- Hello, Thank you for your comprehensive comments. If the shoes are not in order and if they show these defects after a short wear, although they have been treated, please claim them. More about the procedure for complaining, here: https://www.metalshop.sk/s/reklamacia-a-vratenie-tovaru/

Matej (Nitra) 10.05.2019

Priserne topanky. Uncomfortable, stiff, "goat" begins to crack after about a month of wearing even with a gentle and often wax treatment, which I use for many many other leathery things that this poor brothel overcame a few years. The Gol is that the shoe is not a mesh to the top, but just glued. And not just one pair, virtually every owner of this footwear, which I know, is already in a few weeks in disrepair. I continue with another comment.

Dávid Kubiš (Trnava) 28.04.2019

Hello on these shoes you have a specified height of about 25 cm.

- Hello, thank you for your question. I measured size 38. The total height (including the sole) is 23 cm, of which the sole is 3.5 cm thick.

Neno (Donji Miholjac) 30.01.2018

I want to tell you that my boots came today and the excellent ones are simply perfect. Thank you very much for everything and receive a lot of greetings

- Dear Neno, we are extremely pleased to be happy with you. :)

Alexander 18.06.2017

Shoes I have been sent with a good looking outward but after a par of ordinary walks I started to get rid of a sucker from both shoes I can complain about the product?

- Hello Alexander, please send the goods back (as a valuable package) to D24 - Marko Logistic, METALSHOP.CZ, Horecká cesta 21, Žilina, 010 04. Please attach a copy of the invoice and write a written letter of intent.

Bogdan 31.03.2017

It can make sizes larger than 50? I am interested in an inner size of 34 cm. Thank you.

- Not produce more than 50 sizes.

Bogdan 30.03.2017

Hello, for size 50 which is the inner dimension in cm?

- Good, size 32.5 cm corresponding to 50.

Fruzsina 01.02.2017

Hi! 31-31,5cm-foot length and size to the size of önöknél and this bakancsnál?

- The 31centis the 48's size, the 31.5-inch and 49-inch size is allowed.

damir (Mokosica) 16.01.2017

Pozzi during which time they can expect even order some boots today and paid to pouzecem .....

- Dear Damir, typically within 24-48 hours after you order, if you choose to pay on delivery, you get the mail to send the package to your e-mail. After you receive this mail, package you arrive at your address within 3-5 days. Just note that all this can sometimes vary, depending on whether we have the desired product immediately in stock. :) Regards

Marina (Santander) 19.10.2016

Hi. I'd like to ask how much cms are size 36 on this. I'm 23'5 feet, and 37 usually runs a bit large and wide. Thanks.

- Hi, size 36 - length of insole is 23 cms; size 37 - length of insole is 23,5 cms.

Mysthe 14.10.2016

Hello, I would like to ask from what they are made of leather?

- Hello Mysth, composed of genuine leather, synthetic leather.

marina (solin) 28.09.2016

I have a foot size 26 cm. What my size do you recommend and how much will come about since I live in Croatia?

- We recommend size 41, but if you are unsure it is best to always take one size larger, but smaller. After you receive confirmation about sending packages, be 3-5 days to give you a package arrived at your address.

Laura 05.06.2016

Hello, I have a leg 27cm, how vel. would suit me?

- Hello, headed'd be interested to sizes 43 or 44. Inner insole vel. 43 - 27.5 cm Size insole vel. 44 - 28.5 cm

Artem (Korosten) 10.01.2016

Hello. Tell me, where are you? I am in Ukraine. expensive shipping cost me?

- Hello, We are from Czech Republic but we ship worldwide.

:) 07.07.2015

Good day, my leg is about 28 cm, what size. I would suit you?

- Size 44th

mp 20.04.2015

Hi, my leg is about 27.5 cm yak vel. would suit me? thanks =)

- Size 44 has a length of 28.5 cm insole, so if you have a long leg 27.5 cm + a margin to the curvature at the tip .... definitely vel. 44th

Lenka (Třeboň) 09.04.2015

Hi, I would like to ask if my leg is 27 cm, so I order a size 41? :) Thanks for the reply :)

- Order size 43rd

anonim (Vranov) 31.01.2015

DOBRI WANT BI I Spit whether we O3ETROVAT Topan steel BOX FOR CANADA

- I do not know what box to Canada, but if it's pasta, which was used in the army, so cool. ;-)

anonim (nitra) 07.09.2014

THESE SHOES OR YEAR NEVIDRZIA Why are poor and why they are virabane in China and please NEPRESVIEčAJTE shall so that the quality of these ANSWERS perceived as full and one with TIM NEODRBETE !!! thank you for the answer.

- You can not judge the whole brand by a single pair. Actually, yes, you can, because you have experience with only one pair. We can judge according to sales figures and the subsequent complaint, which is not much, so from our point of view are shoes Steel quality. Plays are many factors that affect the durability and longevity of shoes - maintenance, adequate and proper ventilation, way of walking, the terrain (otherwise it will look like shoes that you use in the subway, and from it a few steps before shoes that other uses festivals / muddy terrain, jump over you legs /, where the hoe, etc..). It can not be objectively assessed. Every case is different.

Lenka (prievidza) 20.06.2014

DORBAS day, please do not typically nosieval number 38 and now I do not know whether there have specified the size of the liner? I do not want them then send back again :) my foot size is 22 cm, most of you know me / recommend? Thank you :)

- Hello, length of inner liner is listed under "size"

Jason 19.05.2014

I See That Steels Site Size Conversion Chart Say's A 45 Is A 29, While Yours Say's A 45 Is A 29.5. Why Is That?

- Insole for size 45 is 29.5 cm, but it is very tight inside. Rather rely on 29 cm.

Jason 19.05.2014

Also Is Steel Boot A Wide Or Regular Width Boot

- Regular Width Boot.

Jason 19.05.2014

Hi, I Wear 29 Cm Boots With A Regular & Wide Width. Is The Steel Boots True To It Size Guide? If So Should I Get The 45?

- I recommend size 45.

Tete (Zvolenská Slatina) 05.03.2014

Can I ask how long those snutky because you want to cerevene one to buy, thank you

- When you buy them, pull out the cord, measure a response to your question, you know. :-)

Patrik (banská bystrica) 05.02.2014

I want to ask how is it possible that you have a size 48 when steel sized so Manufactured few days ago I wrote them or not produced randomly and at 48.49 they were only in 47 and they answered me not.

- I do not know how you got that answer. At the moment we have 3 pairs of shoes in size 48 Steel stock and boxes are also marked with the number 48 (tags manufacturer). Maybe some change? I do not know. Or just for once had more? Anyway, we have size 48. :-)

miska 15.01.2014

good, yet I always waved 42, but according to my numbering is based on 41 I really would not want them sent back and pay postage. What I therefore recommend?

- Send me an email Insertion Length in centimeters and then I will suggest you size.

Michal (Rakovnik) 12.01.2014

I want to ask session steely size 49

- Unfortunately not: (

Vanesa (Nové Zámky) 25.12.2013

Hello, I would like to ask if this year you'll be 38?

- Hello, this year anymore: (possible after January 15, 2014

Tomáš (Skalica) 16.12.2013

Hello please this year will be even Size 45? And I would like to ask if I will be good size 48 if not 45 I have a foot long 30.5 cm. Thank you for your response.

- size 45 will be available in the second half of January 2014. 48 you probably will not be when you have size 45 ..

RedEvil (Mariánské Lázně) 07.12.2013

Good day. Just a question, what is the length of laces u desetidírkových bot? Thank you.

- Hello, 154 cm

Eleonora (Bratislava) 18.11.2013

Hello, I would like to ask when will you have size 38?

- It seems that the size will be 38 this year, but I recommend that you set for each individual case monitoring of this size.

Pája 19.10.2013

Hello, when my leg is 26.5 cm what size would you recommend?

- Hello, viz. DIMENSIONS

Lucia 12.10.2013

and more, please if it is possible to get hold of them and some liner for winter

- Winter liners do not. If anyone has this, I do not have an overview about, I'm sorry.

Lucia 12.10.2013

Hello, please fill in the warehouse as often? my leg is 28 cm, and I do not know if you order 42 or up to 44 Whereas the number 43 is currently not available and I would order them as soon as possible .. You could measure how much the shoes 42 and 44 cm inside? and how much is from the outside, from the bottom of the soles (also 42, 44) I would imagine that those shoes will look like, or not too gigantic, as already without my big foot. Thank you.

- Order size 44, insert a 28 cm. Sole measured 32.5 cm.

Adam 12.10.2013

Hello, I would like to ask how we can contact you, if not sat my shoe?

- Contacts: http://www.metalshop.sk/contact/

pavel (Ústí nad Labem) 01.10.2013

I have a foot in length 29 cm .. What size do you recommend?

- Size 44

pavel (Ústí nad Labem) 01.10.2013

Hello, I want to order these shoes .. I have a shoe size 46/47 .. I need to know the inner length of the shoe. Thank you for your response.

- 30 and 31 cm.

Honza (Brna) 18.09.2013

Hello, I am concerned that I could not do a node to the last Ice because I have quite a big sorry. What circuit is about the last place hole?

- You better answer if you tell me the circumference of your calf at this height and shoe size you normally wear. Then I can measure. Still, it is only an estimate because the strings can either be tightened to the maximum, or permitted. The circuit is therefore not clear.

Pavol (Krásna Ves) 02.09.2013

Hello my leg length is 26 cm Recommended battery size?

- Size 40

Shana (New York) 31.07.2013

May i ask how many centimeters is the heel? i'm rather short so i need to get boots with taller heels...

- Height of sole on the heal is 3,5 cm.

Marek (Šurany) 23.07.2013

Čaw want to mate Spit or even 45 in stock

- size 45 is in stock

rudo 22.07.2013

I want to ask whether these shoes have zippers or laces

- the laces :-)

Ondřej 08.06.2013

Hello I wanted to ask about the height of these shoes

- Accordingly, at that size. Approximately 24 - 25.5 cm.

Denisa (Nitra) 08.06.2013

Hello, I would like to ask, I sort of leg length 26 to 27 cm what should I sat down size? And when I finally gave nesadala size would also replace the goods? Thank you for your response.

- 26-27 cm does not help me, because it may be size 40 or 41 Measure your foot exactly, please. A product can legally replace or refund within 7 days of receipt of shipment.

Danny 16.04.2013

Hello I'm 14 years old and my leg is 24 centimeters would you recommend me what size to buy if I accidentally povirostla leg?

- Let there then 0.5 cm extra in case your foot will grow. Order size 38

kikulator (prievidza) 15.04.2013

what size would you recommend for foot length 25 cm?

- 39 see. sizes http://www.metalshop.sk/obuv-kozena/p/obuv_steel___10_dierkove___cierne/ # tab_6

Luc (Poprad) 03.04.2013

Good :) I want to ask, what about the sizes because there is written the number 37 has a size of 24 cm, but at "http://www (.) Sk (.) Steel-boots (.) Com / shop/10-eyelet-boots/black / "It is written that the number 37 has a size of 24.5 cm ... I know that 0.5 cm is not much, but, I just 23.5 centimeters debt leg ... and I do not want to risk: D thank you

- Size 37 has a cylinder 24 cm long boots.

Alex (Vištuk) 02.01.2013

good, I would like to ask, if I have debt leg 28 cm, and 42 wear the shoes, or me and they will be good in 42, or recommend another size?

- Entry is 28 cm in size 43rd

Jari 17.12.2012

Hello, what size shoes I ordered, if the length of my foot 26.5 cm? Thank you for your answer.

- Table size

Tomas 10.12.2012

Battery should I order a size if I have foot long 30.5 cm? thank you for speak about

- vel.47

Domca (Rožnava) 03.12.2012

Hello When you arrive at the place ordered to call cell phone because I forgot the password to azet

- GLS courier shall call, do not worry.

Klára (Bardejov) 19.11.2012

I would like to ask what size shoe should I order if I measured the leg length of 26 cm and mam. Normally wear the size 38 shoe size and this conforms to canada? Still want to know whether to leather brand STEEL da buy or order any insights pads for the winter? Thank you for your answer

- I recommend more size 39th I think winter insulated liners go to buy, but unfortunately not with us.

Eddy (Prievidza) 09.11.2012

Suu properly :) :)


Kaťa 02.11.2012

My leg is 25 cm high: D what is the size? and have a size? : D

- order a size 39

Oliver 26.10.2012

Ahojda :) I have a question I have a 45 foot by tables (nebo-li. I have a long leg 29.5 cm) but still grow my leg, I buy more? Or is this crap? :)

- Do not buy more, you should have shoes on foot just to avoid unnecessary friction and destruction inside the shoes.

Tomáš 26.10.2012

Bye bye: D ... I would like to ask if my leg is 29.5 cm long and is the number kolikátka :) thanks for the answer :)

- Size 45th

orpheus (Jindřichův Hradec) 24.10.2012

I'm looking forward!


Miro (Prievidza) 19.10.2012

When I have a foot length of 27.5 cm what is my size?

- Size 42nd

Zlobor 18.08.2012

They say here, but I do not believe much.

- We only sell products orginální all brands

Zlobor 13.08.2012

Girlfriend ordered steelky, 15 eyelet, black. I have exactly this. I have no problem with mine, but she complains to me that her Steely are poor. Furthermore, zipper, and it falls šrubky. Probably not right steelky what? And when we compared the peak, it was also collapsed and softer than mine.

- and where you bought it?

OI! (Martin) 07.07.2012

Good, I want to ask what size is if I have a length of 27.5 feet ..... Thank you

- Size 42nd

Lukáš 27.06.2012

What is the height of shoes please at it as there is sutured language (not sole) ... due instep :)

- Not measure it from the inside - Order a try. The goods can be exchanged within or return.

Galadriel (Košice) 09.06.2012

Morning, talking to me, making Top painted these shoes? Resp. You do not have anything to offer? And one more question, do not sell alone even the shoelaces? But as I look, you're just a plain flat.

- We have only these LINE: http://www.metalshop.sk/vyhledat/snurky/ boots rub globin.

brian686 17.05.2012

Well problem is that normally wearing three pairs of thick winter socks and still for * revsky hurts.

- If there is no protrusion or defective seam, anything that should not be there, and it's just hard running of skin, so you probably will not help. :-( Sometimes breakups week, another couple of month. Skate'ovou I had to be shoes that I wore once in a while, because I pushed the instep. Rozchodil I maybe half a year, but he managed it. Does not find If a manufacturing fault, the majority of shoes (although time) feet fit.

brian686 (Delilah) 15.05.2012

Good, I would like to ask for how long (about) is "gauge" steel. I wear them for about two weeks and I still always make them blisters above the heel.

- Wear two pairs of socks, I just can not stop.

Dolfik (Košice) 21.04.2012

Good, I would like to know if I have 23.3 cm long legs, I prefer to book 37 or 38?

- You can try 36, respectively. 37th

venca (Zbraslav) 19.04.2012

I want to ask what is the number if I have 47 or 29 cm If you plan more thanks.

- 44

Oi! (RS) 16.04.2012

thank you I have already their home in Bolsa local Army shop and I highly recommend them :)


Oi! (rimavska Sobota ) 13.04.2012

please do you have available number 42? and for how long a period of time to time if they arrive obiednam for how many days? thank you in advance

- Size 42 we stock - we can send immediately.

lolman 02.02.2012

They can be bought here longer than laces, these 10-eyelet boots?

- Separately only sell these laces: http://www.metalshop.cz/tkanicky/

honza 19.01.2012

Hello, I bought a 6-pinhole Steely, look after the first nádherně.Ovšem prošlápnutí out here after nearly ran out of the house as I had stripped the heel, according to discussions on the net, but this is a common phenomenon. It just has to break in shoes. However, when the length of legs 25 cm and shoe size 41 shoe tongue pushes me on the sides, where is sewn to the shoe. It is a manufacturer error, or is it too eventually surrender leg, Thanks

- It should not give in to the leg. I recommend two pairs of socks or hooves to the top.

vlad (PU) 02.01.2012

laces the union as the picture completely from the bottom then when you have The first two holes so Lavu laces prevleces second left in the hole and from there straight to the second right diery.potom zoberes preparation laces change into the third hole on the right side and from there directly to the third hole on the left side ... so well and continues to the top .. but tot zavezovanie of unwieldy and slow:-D

- Thanks for your help - we did not know with it asking advice :-)

Rob (KE) 01.01.2012

is there a size chart? I wonder what number is the length of the foot about 27.5 to 28 cm ..

- 27.5 cm is 42 and 28 cm is 43

Dušan (Handlova) 12.12.2011

11.12.2011 when I ordered shoes and vten day I confirmed e-mail so I Spit on in about how much do you get??

- We dispatch every second day

dusan (Handlova) 10.12.2011

I ordered two pairs of shoes and rvozne I ordered it two times and gave it with my two e-mail addresses and I came to only one address. so I Spit whether it is correct??

- This question send to reklamace@metalshop.cz and reported both emails so we can verify.

Pavel 05.12.2011

Hello I wanted to ask if SOU imported from England or China and how to screw them SOU

- Steel is a Polish brand.

daffek 03.12.2011

Healthy, I want to ask that when I order these steelky and I happen to be small so they can be sent back and replaced?

- Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods in the Czech Republic and within 7 days of receipt of the goods in the Slovak Republic.

NoImNot 27.11.2011

Below is written that height is about 20 cm but if you look at the same shoes in another color description is height 25cm, so they are less or equal than others?

- Same as the others. ;-)

dusan (Handlova) 26.11.2011

I wanted to bi Spit me if my naked 28.5 cm so it is also known size?

- vel.45

Marek 18.11.2011

Hello, I would like to ask how much it weighs one shoe. Thank you in advance

- Shoe in size 42 weighs 0.85 kg. The larger size of course a few more quilt, smaller less.

Michal 17.11.2011

Hello, please, I need advice when my foot size 23cm, what would it be my shoe size? :)

- size 37-23 cm size 38-24 cm

Katuška 11.11.2011

when my leg is about 26 cm what size should I trebalo? :)

- Size 40th

POLOKOL 02.11.2011

good day I'd like to ask how tall boots SOU

- About 20 cm.

wazaap (Plzeň) 02.11.2011

Hello, I'd like to ask just like socks in shoes this recommended?

- Classic or sock, rather thicker.

Roman (Zlaté Moravce) 27.10.2011

These shoes I want obiednat. I have a foot length of 28.8 cm What size should I order? A still carry a broad power of the sides I try Red Rooster but those were my wide? Thank you for your reply.

- Order size 44th There WIDE sides.

Iva (Pardubice) 21.10.2011

These shoes chci.Mám length feet 25cm.Jakou size should I order? Thank you.

- Size 39th

Laco (Bratislava) 16.10.2011

I would like to ask whether these boots warm in winter? Freezes my foot?

- It's not winter boots, but many in winter wear. Is there a metal tip that can freeze through and zebat. Certainly not suitable shoes to the snowy mountains and long frosty walks, but getting on the bus, to school, to work and back, it certainly can. ;-) The usual winter walk without problems, but as I write in the introduction - footwear is not registered as winter.

Bara (Praha) 05.10.2011

I wanted to ask is the opportunity to try on shoes somewhere besides Bystřice? and shoes are also Polish steel production as KMM?

- Steel shoes are of Polish. You can only try them in Třinec in CRYT shop (our store).

Petr (praha) 30.09.2011

Hello, I would like to ask when it will be size 41 or 42nd Thank you

- Surely soon. These shoes are regularly updated. Set the watchdog.

Tomas (Kosice) 27.08.2011

I would like to ask where can I find 10dierkove black polished steel.

- Shining directly are not divided. The skin is either brighter or dimmer. Gloss achieved mainly cleaning, brushing and globin.

gogo (sokdoakdo) 17.08.2011

what period are appropriate?

- Throughout the year, but not winter, despite being people come in this season.

Oi88 14.08.2011

Would you recommend this or the red rooster? as Steely said the very opposite Red Rooster spoiling for a short time. thank you for the advice

- Steel claimed by few. Personally, one black 10-eyelet Steely and I am satisfied with them.

slepyJazdec (Spišska Nova Ves) 13.08.2011

Greetings I want to ask what are high these boots? from heel to end up completely? thank you for early reply

- About 20 cm.

Maxguru 02.08.2011

I just want to ask when you order No.44 (I 44rky) not my kind of broad parties? I'm afraid it is a bit :-)

- :-) do not worry - you can download śňůrkama

jurajj (Rimavska sobota ) 29.07.2011

These shoes are shiny or dull?

- matt

psychodrama 27.07.2011

When it was about to offer the size 41?

- Soon, shoes Steel supplement regularly (about every 2 weeks). Set the watchdog.

pato 24.07.2011

I would like to ask when they will be ordered number 43

- Very soon, Boots Steel supplement regularly. Set the watchdog.

PuPa (Košice) 04.07.2011

It is to these shoes so much as raised tip in the picture? I will not have to go wrong?

- Steel toe shoes have a lift - but do not mind walking, comfortable :-)

Magor 02.07.2011

I have a question and you have size 46 in advance thanks for the answer

- Yes, we stock veliksot 46

sara 26.06.2011

Once you get a payout already ordered .... not looking forward to about a year: o)


vojta 26.05.2011

They are not in the summer heat?

- No, the skin breathes, but as in flip-flops in them you will not feel too. ;-)

tomas.. (Znojmo) 06.05.2011

When I have a foot size 46 and the 47 will buy me from doing a lot of leg dangle?

- If you are buying shoes 46, buy too 46th

olo (Nová Dubnica) 22.03.2011

difference between these sneakers and boots size not say if I tebisiek Size 41 so I can take a cool shoe size 41?

- Yes, exactly, because the decisions inside shoes, so it does not matter if it's heavy or canvas shoe.

marísek 11.03.2011

shoes I have some time and are really cool

lepo (Košice) 02.03.2011

Once you subscribe to them, I'll go home to me and I like it may be possible to go back and return my money??

- Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of shipment.

adolf 24.02.2011

They are the only pair of boots or can be worn outside of winter?

- They are not winter boots and can be worn year round.

pepan (Třebenice) 02.02.2011

So my shoes arrived today :) They are super recommend everyone ;)


lilek 97 17.01.2011

ty sou cool


honza (strakoníce ) 15.01.2011

are size 48

- No, they make the 47th largest

pepan (Třebenice) 14.01.2011

Hello I bought shoes and they would be too small and I would like to return it and replace it with a larger and had yet to obědnávku more things. It would be enough to send only shoes? I know it's a stupid question, but hopefully you will not be mad at me: D

- Yes, just send only what you change or return.

Adolf (Havr) 04.12.2010

Glad you do not have facht mistake .... :)


Milan (Tlmače) 04.12.2010

I would like to know when the book will give the number 44

- Soon. Set the watchdog.

kjuba (Čelákovice) 03.12.2010

I'd like to ask if you wear a daj zimunasel here as steelky INSULATION techlech here and could not find it like that, thanks for the reply :)

- I'm in such přechodil three winters, but winter boots are not, they have no padding inside.

koudiis (bystřice nad pernštejnem) 01.12.2010

I wonder what scale are shoes measured?

- European standard.

black666 (topoľčany) 24.11.2010

I have a much longer their home are viinikajuce


??? 21.11.2010

you do not know when it will be size 43?

- supplement once a week - so zřejměv 23.11.2010

black666 (Topoľčany) 14.11.2010

diki to stel I know the end of November I had a bi mat money


black666 (topoľčany) 08.11.2010

are tough?

- Definitely harder than plátěňáky, but no extreme. Feel, do not even know you have shoes on your feet. :-) I wore it in 16 years, and I pulled it off without a problem. ;-)

ghj (jhjg) 06.11.2010

I already their mam


black666 04.11.2010

still 50 and I my eciek


Dominik (Trnava) 29.10.2010

Me I'm out 2 months ago is really good and nice :)


maniac (Komárno) 18.10.2010

only a matter of time and my suuuu ^ ^


Roky (Malacky) 07.10.2010

I'll save up and buy :)


,,,,, 01.10.2010

very pretty


Lubištu 29.09.2010

I keep them :)


anka 16.09.2010

and I also I have already: p

sliko (banska bystrica) 14.09.2010

I also have a pinhole but only 6 but I have one question is it possible that one taka taka a rainbow because it is one of vatcia 6 mm in length and 2 mm above it so I want to ask

- This may be a manufacturer defect or failure during mating sizes. In such cases, follow the Complaints Procedure.

rammstein (banska bystrica) 08.09.2010

I already have them are just super Musume still buy laces are torn and they can be worn in the summer and not at all in the summer heat and winter cold again but I do not know why this is but another way I recommend I buy a 15-hole


Mato (hhhh) 18.08.2010

This month I have a Mac, I have ordered a € 95 :)

kubko (Bánovce nad Bebravou) 16.08.2010

ešteee € 30 and suu moeeee


mato (hhhhh) 13.08.2010

YOYO more week of going to my summer job and are: - * :)


diabliQ (rožňava) 10.08.2010

krááása: o) and I will also have: D

- :-))

Size chart

EU size Size (cm)
36 23 cm
37 24 cm
38 24.5 cm
39 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
41 26.5 cm
42 27 cm
43 28 cm
44 28.5 cm
45 29.5 cm
46 30 cm
47 30.5 cm


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