leather boots women's - STEEL

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10-eyelet-shoes "glade" brand STEEL made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing. High-quality leather shoes! Height about shoes.: 25 cm. Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm. Composition .. more

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leather boots women's - STEEL

10-eyelet-shoes "glade" brand STEEL made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing.

High-quality leather shoes!

Height about shoes.: 25 cm.

Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm.

Composition: genuine leather, synthetic leather and metal.

The toe is metal reinforcement (finger protection).

Color: black, blue.

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Vladimír (Praha 10) 26.11.2019

Hello, after buying these shoes I read in the warranty card with wonder, among other things, the following information: .... and do not expose to extreme conditions (eg rain, snow) Footwear can not be used at temperatures below 5 ° C That reminds me rather conditions for Italian paper coffin footwear, so I want to ask how seriously they are meant. Since there is no comma on the website in the description, it would be a reason to return the shoes. Or it is just a guarantee to shorten the warranty, beDovod it is assumed that in two years it will rain several times, snow will fall and the temperature will probably drop below 5 ° C. How would you approach a possible complaint, perhaps in the case of peeling the outsole, somewhere in the discussion mentioned? Thank you for answer.

- Hello, this type of STEEL shoes can be worn in the rain at lower plus temperatures. They're not winter boots. Complaints such as peeled sole (shark) are normally handled - repair or replace shoes with a new pair, etc.

SImona 12.10.2014

Zdravíím chcu to ask Normally I 41 all the shoes, but according to me it is based on tables that I should order 43, which adds me like crap, so make themselves wondering if it might be the best 42:-D really do not know the size of yaks take: )

- If you buy 41 and also order the 41st

anonim uj (nitra) 11.10.2014

where shoes are manufactured STEEL?

- It's a Polish brand.

Domčo (Handlova ) 09.12.2013

I want to SPIT jaich I wear the terraces, and after about 2 hours on foot mam wet zeci jeto MP could only follow that they are sweaty or dismiss?

- In any case, it would not leak water shoes if you spotily feet - will not help you with that :-). But if the shoes really flowing, then you can claim the shoes.

Sima (Košice) 20.11.2013

I've just arrived and they are absolutely perfect! and thank you for the gift :)


Janča (Šternberk) 27.10.2013

You share with more holes and their price? Thank you in advance for your reply.

- I'm sorry, these shoes have just 10dírkové.

Gabi (Liptovský Mikuláš) 13.01.2013

Good, I would like to ask whether the shoes give replace if they were big or too little. Thank you for your response.

- Yes, change is possible - http://www.metalshop.sk/s/obchodne-podmienky or write to sklad@metalshop.sk.

mosi (Jelšava) 08.08.2012

For about as long scrape it black?

- Case-by-case otherwise. If you want to keep the black, wear black globin.

zilia (zilina) 22.11.2011

how long virzi them soles

- depending on how heavily you use them

Magor 02.07.2011

Cawes kolikatku marshals should I buy my leg 26 cm for pre-dik reply

- About the size of the 40th I recommend this order notes indicate that you need 26 cm inner sock and applying for measurement before shipment. Accommodate note.

Psychedelic 18.06.2011

Hello, I wonder if "Steel" and make a larger size than the size mentioned 47th Personally, I would need at least a size 48: S. Thank you in advance for your answer.

- They do max 47, greater Sun

marek (rimavska bana) 24.01.2011

I would like to ask how long the soles will last and whether it can be replaced

- Sole replace any handy shoemaker. They last a long time - according to the intensity of use. 3-6 years roughly, but that's just a guess.

Matej 03.09.2010

Ted came to me doom, and they are really nice. I recommend



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