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10-hole "glady" boots by STEEL made of genuine leather, covered with a solid technical leather with a print. The color of the shoes can have a different touch, from more red to dark red with a mixture of black. You could say that each pair is origin .. more

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shoes STEEL

10-hole "glady" boots by STEEL made of genuine leather, covered with a solid technical leather with a print.

The color of the shoes can have a different touch, from more red to dark red with a mixture of black. You could say that each pair is original and the resulting color is always different, so the image is only illustrative.

Quality leather shoes!

Shoe height approx.: 25cm.

Height of the sole (measured on the heel) approx .: 4cm.

Composition: genuine leather, synthetic leather, metal.

There is a metal reinforcement in the toe of the shoe (finger protection).

Color: burgundy, black.


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Sanja Podnar (Osijek) 6. 11. 2019 10:42:55

Hello, please, info for STEEL wine color boots for the price of 632 kn, what is the tread length for number 38? Greetings.

- Hello, thank you for your inquiry. The length of the tread for the number 38 is 25 cm.

Jáchym (Ústí nad Labem ) 9. 9. 2019 21:22:09

when I order these shoes it is possible for me to get them with a similar admixture as in the first picture

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Each piece is an original, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive exactly the shoes you see in the picture. But you don't have to worry about getting your shoes completely red.

Klára (Třinec) 4. 8. 2019 19:02:19

Hello, what is the size of 36 insoles length? Thank you

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Length insoles of size 36 should be about 24 cm.

Terezka (Plzeň) 23. 3. 2019 10:19:25

Hello, I would like to ask how long the boobs are needed in these shoes, after 3/4 years of wearing they broke.

- Hello, I recommend these laces:

Terezka 15. 8. 2018 19:04:03

I would like to ask how tough these shoes are

- Hello, one shoe can have 800 - 1000 grams. Depends on size. Tak one pair about 1.5 - 2 kg.

emm (bratislava) 24. 10. 2014 19:05:01

Super shoes :)) just bothers me that squeak: / any advice? Steelkov before me nevrzgali

- I have no advice. Also, I vrzgajú. :-)

Debbie (Ústí n/Labem) 18. 9. 2014 16:20:22

When I have a shoe size 40, or will I just have a slightly longer tip that I will be bigger and in such a case, take 39? Or is it vice versa, and I take a rather larger number? It's hard to guess when a person can not try ... wise counsel?

- If you wear size 40, so order a size 40th

alex (bratislava) 9. 9. 2014 17:41:57

What number topánik are in the picture? All look the same size?

- I do not know which size colleague took photos, but also usually the smallest size you get to the store. Some look like all sizes. Vary the proportion of colors, but only minimally.

Michal (Kroměříž ) 29. 5. 2014 20:26:41

are always annealing as in the picture? (I've seen pictures of users and there are almost all red) thank you :)

- They really are half and half, as shown. We have all red too - here:

Raven (Košice) 6. 3. 2014 14:24:08

I want to ask a really good brand of steel? I heard that so no, I do not know from personal experience. At home I KMMky, last year broke my pocket and now no reason for me to unravel the tip. planning to buy a new just do not know which brand is worth more

- There are a lot of good sold.

Domčo (Handlova) 2. 11. 2013 10:30:52

I want to SPIT Kedi you will have size 45?

- Soon. These boots complement every month. I recommend you to order any of the available sizes and write a note that you are only interested in size 45 On the basis of a valid order model in the size you order the manufacturer to order. ;-)

Domčo (Handlova) 1. 11. 2013 16:55:42

when I wear normal shoes 44 and sumi ok so Stelli bimi were ake

- They would be OK too. :-)

Barbora Benešová (Kladno) 7. 10. 2013 14:52:36

Hello, you write that the composition contains a synthetic leather .. May I ask where you used to boot?

- The label is written "made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing."

mosi (Jelšava) 7. 8. 2012 19:24:46

They should also get these in brown? (Pan brown leather uncut!)

- Brown are not.

ZuzIQ (Kežmarok) 23. 6. 2011 08:59:37

I have them at home and are ppč fact, I like brutally trailed recommend them ;)

DOMINIK (časta) 27. 2. 2011 11:09:44

How much does Canada on still if I order them

- Everything is here:

Andrea (Poprad) 1. 2. 2011 23:01:25

Do these shoes and zip? :)

- They do not.

Filip Zajak (bratislava) 27. 12. 2010 17:53:29

these shoes personally ojednavam in front: D just gotta get some prahcy n and I: D


Size chart

EU size Size (cm)
36 23 cm
37 24 cm
38 24.5 cm
39 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
41 26.5 cm
42 27 cm
43 28 cm
44 28.5 cm
45 29.5 cm
46 30 cm
47 30.5 cm


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