leather boots women's - STEEL

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10-eyelet-shoes "glade" brand STEEL made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing. High-quality leather shoes! Height about shoes.: 25 cm. Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm. Composition .. more

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leather boots women's - STEEL

10-eyelet-shoes "glade" brand STEEL made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing.

High-quality leather shoes!

Height about shoes.: 25 cm.

Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm.

Composition: genuine leather, synthetic leather and metal.

The toe is metal reinforcement (finger protection).

Color: orange, black.

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Peťo (Bratislava) 20.03.2020

Okay, I would like to ask if you will be 44. Thank you

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. This is a clearance sale. These shoes will no longer complement.

Riky (Košice) 24.09.2017

I'd like to ask if I'm black, even when I'm going to boot the boots. Or how often would you recommend boxing to keep black as long as possible. Well thank you.

- Hello Riky, the black color will be kept steely and lubricate according to the situation, usage demands, weather etc.

Will (Melbourne) 29.10.2013

In the user photos some of them are more brown and some are more red, do they really have that range of colors or it's just because of the lighting?

- It's just because of the lighting.

Monika (Chrudim) 09.10.2013

I can only recommend a brand of steel, I have a burgundy-black for 8 years and still holds and it has been through a lot and all I know is that during that time the worn heel, otherwise the screws holding the tip of ATP, only a little power laces, but it seems to me to detail. This year I perhaps Jesus ordered these black and orange that I tuned the bike. So really only recommend it. ever buy a brand Selma or what you can find in stores.


xxx 12.08.2013

Hello, it's true that the screws go through into the footbed and foot to inject? thank you

- It's not true.

Stano (Nitra) 14.02.2012

Good I want to ask if they are in stock 44ky ever come when I order them? Thank you.

- 7-14 days

Romanka (Tisovec) 12.01.2012

So newiem terraces you choose whether these or green stierané :/,, I still anyone :) but I buy 100%

- Select a color depends on your taste.

lada (unicov) 16.11.2011

zdravim.chci ask size 45 is 29 cm? thanks

- Rather, 29.5 cm.

VERČA (KOLÍN) 29.08.2011

how many cm is size 41 kolikátky not welcome because I buy so I just sat thank you

- Insert a 26 cm.

Wikky 22.07.2011

So they will mine! Nice to have tion'll make both administrative punk: D and objednááám :)

- :-) I call that plan! 8-)

Vojta 01.05.2011

I wanted to ask if you supply the laces and if SOU quality bo said often shatter

- Yes, of course, are part of the shoe laces. They are sturdy, built to last.

ballyn 11.01.2011

I wanted the abbot If that ornžová smejvá I heard that yeah thanks for the answer

- Not orange, more black, but if you regularly painted black shoes globin, is more or less a problem. 8-)

Vojta 24.11.2010

I would just ask how many cm measured boot 43 and 44 how much I have something in between and I know that I would sit better. Thanks for the reply

- vel.43 vel.44-27 cm-28 cm

vava 23.11.2010

still I would like asked, what is the numbering .. I mean, for example, how many cm is number 40

- Length soles size 40 is 25.5 cm.

vava 12.11.2010

I think those shoes would be good for the winter?

- I do not have insulation, but customers are usually worn in winter using warmer socks / socks

Palko (xXx) 17.10.2010

those shoes SOU fajne maybe you buy them at 14 narosky


Vendul 17.08.2010

But they are amazing - I recommend.


Vendul 17.08.2010

There are no


Lenka 13.08.2010

Are those shoes with zipper



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