leather boots women's - STEEL

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HERON 20-boots-size pinhole STEEL. Material: leather, metal. Color: Black. Height approx.: 38cm. The shoe is equipped with 3 buckles and functional inside the shoe is equipped with a zipper for easy slip. .. more

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leather boots women's - STEEL

HERON 20-boots-size pinhole STEEL. Material: leather, metal. Color: Black. Height approx.: 38cm. The shoe is equipped with 3 buckles and functional inside the shoe is equipped with a zipper for easy slip.

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Antonín Kobza (Plzeň) 16.07.2018

Tak they're going home, maybe it's worth the money and maybe they will look good on my toothpicks

Zuzu (Mor.Písek) 04.04.2018

What is the max girth calf at size 38? Thank you

- Hello, we can not measure this data, we do not have this information from the manufacturer. If you do not want to overcome your calf or otherwise, it is possible to exchange or refund within 14 days.

Veronika (Beroun) 16.08.2016

I want to ask that the metal is stainless steel? :-) Thank you for answer.

- Rust.

Eva (Praha) 01.03.2016

Best shoes. Although I was crying at the box office, but the money worth it !!


Katharina (Wien) 24.08.2014

These shoes have steel toes?

- Yes, they have.

Michaela (Rabat) 21.05.2014

the shoes are mega ... also sends her to Malta?

- Yes, we send to Malta, but you must order on www.metal-shop.eu. Malta is "Other country" in the table: http://www.metal-shop.eu/s/shipping-delivery/

Envie Inferna (Kremnica) 15.04.2014

Fifth rôčik and still my most :)


Bajja (Všelibice) 09.04.2014

These shoes are absolutely divine, I got them over a year, and there is better boots to any weather: D


Sara (Trenčín) 22.11.2013

and the calf circumference boots is what? I have wide calves and I am afraid that I would not turn them = D

- For a better and more accurate response, please send your calf circumference at this height and shoe size you normally wear. Then I can measure. Still, it is only an estimate because the strings can either be tightened to the maximum, or permitted. The circuit is therefore not clear.

Domino (Humenné) 17.11.2013

If I will not sit size, as they come back? And how do you get the money back?

- Slovak customer can return the goods or exchange within 7 days after delivery. The address to send the package: D24 - Marko Logistic - METALSHOP.CZ, fever cesta 21, 010 04 Žilina. Cash return transfer. For more information go to: http://www.metalshop.sk/s/obchodne-podmienky/, or write to reklamace@metalshop.cz, please.

Megi (Prievidza) 30.08.2013

These shoes are super .. I know what I want for Christmas: D


Li (NYC) 26.03.2013

Who is the manufacturer that makes these? I really want them, but the shipping is way too much for me.

- STEEL is a Polish company.

Milan (Praha) 23.04.2012

I'd bought, but my size that do not know: (Or sometimes be up for grabs 48?

- 48 do not have.

Adam (Lučenec) 29.02.2012

Good day for order how can happen?

- S the delivery of max 3 days.

Ozzák (Prievidza) 04.10.2011

Hello I would like to know when you will be available and the size of the missing shoes.

- They are not standard / classic types, so you do not supplement so often. It's best if you set Watchdog to desired size. He will inform you as soon as the size of the supplement.

Medy (Opava) 07.08.2011

I would like to ask about the length of the inner lining of the shoe at number 40 and 41, because they do it every numbered as he wants. And I see that the number 40 does so, I wonder how long it can take before they are in stock? Pantry weeks or months? Thank you for your answer

- Size 41 is 26.5 cm. Shoes Steel supplemented regularly about every two weeks, so if you set the watchdog.

Asim (Bratislava) 13.07.2011

Today the courier brought me, and I'm stunned both of them when the diet was given his first lollipop! :) I recommend you buy them are suprove! and brought them to me the next day what is cool

asim (bratislava) 07.07.2011

When I have size 44 feet so what size should I have? kebyze I want to take these boots

- If you are buying shoes in size 44 - order a size 44 :-)

Pája 16.05.2011

Hello, I wanted to book number 39, but I see that you have this size sold out. I expect complete and if so, in what time period? Watchdog set I have.

- Set the watchdog. Supplement should be, but the term underestimate. These shoes are classic Steel, it's complementary model. Of course, to be ordered, but not so often. It is necessary to wait for the right moment. ;-)

Tajemná Temnota (Český Těšín) 18.04.2011

They are great shoes not to mention walking up the stairs xD.


richard 24.03.2011

how many cm have no soles. 40 (about) Thank you

- Front 2 cm, 3 cm at the rear.

marek (Karlovy Vary) 24.03.2011

uh, I'm sorry 28: D

- Size 43rd

marek (Karlovy Vary) 24.03.2011

Hello, I would like to ask what the number is when my leg is 38cm. Thank you


Rišo 19.02.2011

when I order the shoes and it happened to me size does not fit ...., could be replaced?? Thank you

- Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of shipment.

jana (Opava) 09.02.2011

These shoes are probably genuine leather, right? That's kind of my greatest moral problém.Další the money, but for such nice shoes must sacrifice!

- Yes, real leather.

BlackKanwulfien 15.01.2011

Hello, the shoes and the number 39? Thank you.

- They should add - set the watchdog.

Deamoonlocka (Zlín) 15.01.2011

Jeeee ... Wassup my shoes and my will over my dead body, but there is a problem and was mentioned v2 comments before me .. money that's the problem :) .. but I'll have my birthday so you like them :)


anna (mikulasovice) 01.01.2011

dude those shoes SOU so beautiful I'd wanted to but it is not the money if he took the dust so I just bought it and it was bi SOU is completely luxusni is one who has so well that the ma: (:) = D = (


Dominik 25.12.2010

damn I want those shoes .. are really beautiful .. just where to get the money .. and even if they are men women

- Unisex for men and women.

Envie Inferna 08.11.2010

These shoes have been a year and I'm still excited about them as a child :)) They are just amazing: D


Kača (Lešná) 05.08.2010

Hello ... how long will these shoes here? thank you for your answer ... :-)

- while the manufacturer will produce :-)


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