earrings Rose of Passion (single) ALCHEMY GOTHIC

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one piece earrings - made of English pewter / pewter / .. more

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earrings Rose of Passion (single) ALCHEMY GOTHIC

one piece earrings - made of English pewter / pewter /

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anet (-) 22.02.2014

down there as we did it in my ear so I have a hole or not

- see discussion below :)

lu 29.11.2013

It's the expander and the Dirk

- the hole :)

kv (Spišská Nová Ves) 24.08.2012

Hello I would like to ask of coho is the part that gives the ear?

- English tin - pewter

Kikulator (Prievidza) 23.11.2011

I want to ask, what is the approximate amount of earrings?

- 6 cm.

ivana (DK) 23.10.2011

It can be put in both ears? or it is rolled so that it fits in only one? If so, then where?

- Just to the left.

Kikušík 18.10.2011

Down there where we give it to the ear .... So it can be separated so that data or do I have dragged through the hole in the ear here?

- It can be separated.


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