ring Betrothal ALCHEMY GOTHIC

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ring made of English pewter - official product of the company Alchemy Gothic. Dimension table: .. more

£ 13,76
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ring Betrothal ALCHEMY GOTHIC

ring made of English pewter - official product of the company Alchemy Gothic.

Dimension table:

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Martin (Bratislava) 22. 9. 2013 12:47:20

Hello, I would like to put pictures, plan this possibility in the near future to make?

- Disclosure. :-)

Markéta 3. 5. 2013 15:59:56

Hello, you take in the near future size Q?

- In the near future Sun Maybe in the summer. I recommend you set the watch size Q.

vikca (Bratislava) 4. 2. 2013 09:22:56

I would like to ask the stone is deployed or glued?

- This manufacturer does not.

Lenka 23. 7. 2012 21:49:40

Hello, when you have this ring in size L?

- Maybe in August, if the manufacturer sends it to us. Set the watchdog.

Petr 29. 4. 2012 20:00:00

Hello, I wanted to ask if this ring is adorned Swarovským crystal. Thank you for your answer.


lenineczka (Brno) 29. 3. 2012 02:52:32

I have long wanted him, and today I finally wine has obtained a birthday :) is amazing!!! have him take off :))


Nightwishenka (Brno) 28. 6. 2011 21:22:26

the ring alepoň of surgical steel or something??

- ring made from English pewter (pewter).

Renča (Kopřivnice) 3. 6. 2011 21:33:34

Úžastný, beautiful, divine, just the handset very beautiful, happy moooc


Irena 5. 12. 2010 15:39:45

Could I ask how do I determine the right size ring to me, and until when they fell all sizes available? Thank you

- Measure your finger and compare with the measured values ​​in the label. Sizes will be available until sold out.

Peto (Rimavská Sobota) 1. 12. 2010 10:36:20

You should not happen to the ring in size L?

- The L size is sold out.

Size chart

L 16.51 51.50
N 17.35 54.00
Q 18.59 57,80
T 19.84 61.60
W 20.68 64.10
Y 21.41 67.30


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