belt leather PYRAMIDS 2 - PAS

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tape is made ​​of thick leather around.: 4 mm, .. more

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belt leather PYRAMIDS 2 - PAS

tape is made ​​of thick leather around.: 4 mm, 2 rows decorated pyramidkami.

dimensions of the exigencies of filming around.:

1 cm = 0,3937 inches

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Lucia 02.12.2020

Dobrý deň, je ten opasok z pravej kože?

- Hello, thank you for your question. The belt is made of technical leather.

Lenka 29.07.2012

Hello, the lengths that you mention here are switching from the first hole, or after the end of the tape? Thank you.

- From the buckle to the first hole to last.

Lucka 23.06.2012

Good den.Chtěla would like to ask, how long would I come to this strip Č.Budějovice.?

- We dispatch within two days. The package is delivered within 24 hours of shipment.

Size chart

for waistline
M 78 -90
L 85 - 97
XL 93 - 107
XXL 106 - 120


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