color to hair DIRECTIONS

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tube a volume of 89 ml - usually just a hair shoulder length. Colors have never been tested on animals. Color: blue. DIRECTIONS Apply color to dry hair. We recommend pre-bleach hair. Hair color včesávejte until foaming. Color, leave .. more

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color to hair DIRECTIONS

tube a volume of 89 ml - usually just a hair shoulder length. Colors have never been tested on animals.

Color: blue.

DIRECTIONS Apply color to dry hair. We recommend pre-bleach hair. Hair color včesávejte until foaming. Color, leave on for 30-40 landmine, a plastic hair cap warmed, and thus help to achieve a better result. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not mix colors with peroxide! Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows! After eye contact, rinse with warm water. Before staining, do not use shampoo with conditioner. When applying, use plastic gloves. All shades make a pre-test on a small strand of hair.

Guidance on the use and conditions of sale:

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Tomáš (Malacky) 22.11.2014

Good day. I ordered this color and I thought that no vessel which looks exactly like midnight blue. It is possible that it does not look like the picture?

- If the tube Atlantic Blue, it's not Midnight Blue. Color in the tube looks different than on the hair.

Nikuž (Moravská Třeová) 28.12.2013

Hi there! :) I looked in the comments and in one I read that you did not give the peroxide immediately on the same day. Well, in that I see the problem: D Since I wear dark brown hair and suddenly I get is bleached to white so it would be very strange after all and just two days, I would get them dyed to blue? : D: D: D It would not be necessary if I washed a few times and blow the hair? :))) This is after all the peroxide washes quite right? :) Thanks for the reply ;)

- Unfortunately, we're hairdressers, where you will better advise when and how to apply color. Try to deal directly with your stylist :-)

Janka (Dubnica) 01.12.2013

caught me by the ruddy-blonde hair? :)

- so we do not know :-))))))))

Kačí (Litoměřice) 24.05.2013

He grabs me to light brown hair?

- In order to achieve 100% efficiency, it is necessary to bleach hair white.

Paťuš (Pezinok) 04.03.2013

Thank you very much for the information ;)


Paťuš (Pezinok) 02.03.2013

Hello :) I have just such a tiny otázočku and saw that nobody here did not write and can not even think of anyone, but I would like to know if there is give and hydrogen peroxide?? Or is it just an artificial pigment?

- INGREDIENTS - Ingredients in English: Aqua (Pure), Cetearyl Alcohol, Distearoylethyl, Hydroxyethylmonium, Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol, ceteareth-20, Citric Acid, Methylparaben. The instruction manual is in any case writes that the color does not mix with peroxide. Perhaps you also helps indication that it is a semi-permanent color.

Lemi 11.02.2013

I wonder where you get the information that Directions is not tested on animals. Far as I know they are not listed in the records untested. They do not certifikat HTS.

- If it is in the label, it's definitely information leaflet that just rewrote colleague. We have not examined it closer, but if you find evidence, surely we will be happy when we ship it. Then of course we had all the labels to edit, but until now we have been manufacturer informed as we.

Andys 03.08.2012

Hi I would like to ask if you can pick the color of the store without getting it ordered. Thank you

- yes - it is possible, if it is available on the e-shop - you can pick it up at the store, which is part of the warehouse

K 31.07.2012

Hi .... I caught it on Not quite blonde? I have red hair and I think that pure blond not catch me at the second attempt, so if it would not be green ...? Thank you.

- Blue must be applied to almost white hair, otherwise it would grab the green - and we are talking about insufficiently bleached blond hair. If you have red hair, so you no discoloration to blue not catch at all. So bleach completely white and then apply Atlantic Blue.

Gladdyss 11.03.2012

I would like to ask if the color is permanent or removable? Thank you

- The prospectus says: semi color, ie. every time you wash the paint washes off partially.

Nika (Bratislava) 07.03.2012

Good day. I would like to ask that this color would probably nechitila on the black right? : D If I decolorized with peroxide hair and then subsequently given to them by the color of my hair falling out? : D Thank you for your reply :)

- They do not look to your hair, but it's better if you ask the more experienced friends. I probably would not use peroxide and this color immediately after each other in one day.




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