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10-eyelet-STEEL shoes made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing. High-quality leather shoes! Height about shoes.: 25 cm. Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm. Composition: genuine leat .. more

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leather boots women's - STEEL

10-eyelet-STEEL shoes made of genuine leather, coated leather with solid technical printing.

High-quality leather shoes!

Height about shoes.: 25 cm.

Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 4cm.

Composition: genuine leather, synthetic leather and metal.

The toe is metal reinforcement (finger protection).

Color: black with printing.

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Michaela (Koleč 57) 10.10.2017

Hello, Should I get a question even in size 48-49? Thank you

- Hello Michaelo, unfortunately, this size is not available with the supplier.

Jirka (Dvůr Králové) 07.02.2017

Hello, I would like to ask whether it is possible to exchange goods if I accidentally ordered size did not fit. Thank you

- Hello, thank you for your question. Purchased goods can be exchanged or returned, but you should first report it via email, phone or in our online chat within 14 days after delivery.

Petra (georgensgmünd ) 26.07.2016

What is the size of 37? Wearing usually 37 - ranges the size then? how far is the stem?

- The dimensions for the size of no. 37 are 23.5, size no. 38 24 cm No. 39 25 cm. If your calf circumference duty is greater than 50 cm, no need to worry friends. The calf circumference is adjustable thanks to the lacing.

hanz 08.09.2014

Hello, we would like to ask if these boots can use a normal black cream canada ?? :) Thank you for reply

- Yes.

nikola 16.02.2014

I do not think it wrong but a few comments below have written reply that if not used GLOBIT black disappears and you write up that which disappears as black is it? : D

- It is true that the black disappears. You are made a bit differently than before. Skin it is like spraying, so black disappears.

AdiiAnarch 09.12.2013

So color and black and those flags remain if I do not use the GLOBIT? :)

- yes :)

Honza 09.12.2013

Hello, if I use black globít disappear the black or keep? Thank you for your reply :)

- The color will keep :-), do not worry.

Venouš 21.09.2013

Hello, these shoes are suitable for children from the age of 13?? Do not be timahle shoes thwart feet?? Díkes for answer

- Destroying legs would certainly not. They are quality shoes, feel free to subscribe. ;-)

Pete (Kotka) 20.08.2013

Hello, I know that each boot is custom painted so all of them are a little different from the next pair.. so can you please take few moments to take a few photographs of the actual boot that is in stock now and email me the photos.. so I can see exactly how it looks like with the colour/darkness. I am looking for size 45. Please, it will help me a lot. Thank you very much

- Photos size 45 is now located in the product on the web. ;-)

Andy Flag (Vyškov) 09.05.2013

I would like to ask if you steelky nerozlepi.

- Nerozlepí. And if by chance yes (anything can happen), you can claim it. Complaints period is two years.

Adam 22.01.2013

I was wondering if they are good for winter? thank you

- It's winter boots, but a lot of people in winter wear.

Marek (Púchov) 19.01.2013

Hello I would like to ask what is the size of my thumb to the heel 30 cm? Thank you

- Size 46th

Mimi (Pezinok) 04.01.2013

Hello there! I would like to ask if you would like to recommend a girl 10 or 15 eyelet boots ... Thank you :) :)

- Both are suitable for a girl.

Honza (Dobroměřice) 22.12.2012

So shoes I can only recommend kvalitka!


Punkáčik_44 29.11.2012

Please have your leg in half 43 and 44 what would be a good steel?

- 44

Bebe (Dunajská Streda) 27.11.2012

Hello, please you have these canada anyway, that would not be wiped paint? that they were all just printed with the flag color without wiping? Thank you. :)

- We are clean, but when the moment you wear and do not use black globin, so you lose the black.

PUNK (Vysočina) 06.11.2012

A good day is any discount for Christmas?? thank you

- Certainly not sell very well, so there is no reason. ;-)

Moje Maličkost! 23.10.2012

Howdy. mate all sizes and in the shop? I stopped for them tomorrow?

- Hello, yes sizes that are available on the e-shop we have in the shop, STONE ADDRESS CHANGE SHOPS: METALSHOP.CZ Ltd. Bystřice 174 (a former brickworks) SEE MAP http://www.mapy.cz/ # d = firm_2424591_1 & t = s & x = 18.723438 & y = 49.643700 & z = 14

Punk 18.10.2012

Please, these shoes suitable for children?? thank you

- Yes, but rather the older children - teenagers. The smallest size is 36, so for first-graders, certainly not. :-)

Johny Punky (Wien) 24.09.2012

I want to SPIT on whether you still have the steele in sizes 42 and 43, and if you can also download them in Vienna

- Both sizes are in stock. We can send them to Vienna. Order at www.metal-shop.eu.

Anarchy (žiar nad Hronom) 17.08.2012

ok thanks :) about 21 August eštebudete so have the number 47?

- Still is.

Anarchy (žiar nad Hronom) 17.08.2012

thank APROS kedjeto length legs from pets to inches so jetoakecislo?

- # 47

Anarchy (žiar nad Hronom) 15.08.2012

Please I want to ask what size is 31 cm?

- If it's length inserts and 47th

pavel 12.08.2012

good day when you will have the number 46

- Surely soon - shoes are regularly added. Set the watchdog.

ujvi (Nové Zámky) 24.07.2012

Hello I bi I still Spit me if I'm male or vice versa could bi big exchanges like them??

- yes, you can replace. For more information visit: http://www.metalshop.sk/s/obchodne-podmienky/

Matopunk (Prešov) 14.05.2012

;) Thanks :)


Matopunk (Prešov) 09.05.2012

Hi there I want to ask if it can not be sent home via courier and not the post ;)

- We use only the services of a courier company GLS, so you can be worry free.

UJVI (N) 03.05.2012

Hello I bi I Spit mate size 41 or 42??

- 42 in stock at the moment is.

Steel 13.03.2012

Hello, if my leg is 28 cm long should I book number 43 or what?

- yes, size 43 has a length of 28 cm

Vojta 11.02.2012

I want to ask if there is a steel tip and if I ordered the small and would be if I could send them out five and replace .. Thank you for your answer

- There is a steel tip and the exchange is also possible. Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods (Czech customer) within 7 days of receipt of the goods (Slovak customer).

Dominik (Humenné) 17.01.2012

It is these boots steel toe hard?

- It is not heavy.

Ľubomír (Vychylovka) 10.01.2012

How many days do I receive the objednavka

- Latest three with everything. ;-)

Hrabal (Bystřice) 09.01.2012

Yo ma a metal tip: D? Thanks :)


vlado (Puchov) 02.01.2012

I would like to ask you about it when they came Steely in size 43??

- expected by mid-January - we recommend you register watchdog for size 43

vojtěch 18.11.2011

Hello, I would like to ask if it is produced in greater number than 47? Thank you for your answer.

- No, 47 is the largest.

Martin (Košice) 29.10.2011

I beg you how large the sizes 43 and 44?

- Inserts 28 and length 29 cm.

Kuba (Liberec) 19.10.2011

Hey, I Conversky in size 43, what size should I buy Steel? (So ​​to speak there narwhal in winter even warmer sock) thanks a lot :)

- Too 43rd recommend size

Matej (Senica) 11.09.2011

Good, BYH wanted to ask if I would have been a small shoe after it came to me, if he would give the order to return a greater číslo.Dekuju

- Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods (for Czech customers) / dp pd 7 days receipt of the goods (for Slovak customers).

kika 26.07.2011

I receive the shoes within two days?

- Yes, but to qualify: two days we shipped next day or two and the motorcyclerier for delivery.

vojta 02.07.2011

How big is the boot 42 in advance thanks for reply

- Around 27 cm, inside it wrong times. It is the EU standard size, which should conform to the dimensions, which uses vast majority of branded dealers in the country.

blabla 16.05.2011

I would like to ask if my leg is 38-39 so if I buy 38 or 39?

- 39th

Maro 26.04.2011

Peace. I would like to ask when it will be up for grabs jastli size 45 and would not be a problem to existing Jabber is personally CRYT jastli sit or take a different size popřípadšě

- This model is very often not complete. All sizes are in CRYT. You can stop and try them.

samatron 15.04.2011

I want to ask if these shoes are they doing in 8 dírkovejch and 39ky ..

- Do not have is the 8-pinhole version.

štěpa (Lišov) 06.04.2011

Please may I ask how much is paid for postage and for how long they should come?

- http://www.metalshop.cz/s/obchodni-podminky/

Kiki (Brno) 26.03.2011

Hello, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to measure the sole of the shoe, it is a size 39 figure and send me. thank you

- Sole length is 29.5 cm.

fillip (bratislava) 14.01.2011

mate number 36, if so then you buy them

- Yes, we can order.

Matthew 19.12.2010

I could ask for as long as you arrive in stores next size? I wanted to order size is 43, but is already sold out.

- These supplement are as common as other colors - no preference to the term directly, sorry. Set the watchdog.


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