leather boots women's - STEEL

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15-eyelet shoes STEEL made of genuine leather coated paint. Composition: leather and metal. The toe is a metal brace (finger protection). Colour: black with a pattern. Height shoes approx.: 31 cm. The height of the so .. more

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leather boots women's - STEEL

15-eyelet shoes STEEL made of genuine leather coated paint.

Composition: leather and metal.

The toe is a metal brace (finger protection).

Colour: black with a pattern.

Height shoes approx.: 31 cm.
The height of the sole under the heel of approx.: 4cm.

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Márk (Budapest) 06.07.2018

Would someone send a 20-line link to uk steel?

- Boots UK Steel 20 line is not available.

Martin (Leipzig) 21.11.2014

So absolutely mega cool boots. Sehrr well processed material. Very sturdy. 1A !!!


Frank (Domažlice) 01.06.2014

May I ask, what is the length of the strings? Thank you very much

- Sufficient, you had a problem with tying.

Ondřej (Lukavec) 11.12.2013

It will be something when worn in the winter in the snow?

- No, but the shoes should be properly treated with a paste wax for shoes

Adam (Kralupy) 23.11.2013

Hello, you have these shoes in stock in size 47?

- Hello, size 47 is in stock

Martin 30.12.2012

Hello I want to when I did not eradicate the color bela until there is enough to coat the lard or any special preparation?

- Black globin and regularly lubricated and cleaned.

Daniela (Olomouc) 19.04.2012

They are just men?

- are unisex, so men's and ladies :-)

MIRO (Prievidza) 28.01.2012

Hello i want to ask that I have a pilot from canada armyshops and correct as I have punk and punkish canada armyshops are those of 43 and these should I buy which? How much difference is about 43-44? Thanks for responding

- If your previous shoes were standardized according to European tables correctly, it would also be appropriate to 43rd

juraj (Pohronska Polhora) 13.10.2011

Thank you for sms Metalshop you the best deal that I know I can recommend everyone have a super mate willing workers still races VEELKA Thanks and I look forward to my thank Steel :-) Best regards juraj Kokavec


juraj (Pohronska Polhora) 13.10.2011



juraj (Pohronska Polhora) 11.10.2011

ok so it sits I can not wait :-)


juraj (Pohronska Polhora) 11.10.2011

I already have 42 to obiednal are about 8 or 7.5 however, just wait and look forward to:-D Thanks and Regards George Kokavec

- They're eight. ;-)

jura (Pohronska Polhora) 11.10.2011

oh ok so thank you one and immediately obiednavam:-D problem is not only that I am in Slovakia?

- No, it's not a problem. Order over www.metalshop.sk

juraj (Pohronska Polhora) 11.10.2011

Hi all I have obiednat -15 - black union jack at 7 feet but I do not know what it's number will help me and thank cema is 89.30 thank you for your reply

- Sevens are 41, the price remains the same.

Jakub 05.10.2011

Hello, I would like to ask if these shoes fit the same as conventional shoes Steel Alternatively, I could try other shoes Steel and then obědnat in this design. Thank you for your answer.

- Yes, they have the same cut as other shoes Steel.

Kevin (Rožňava) 23.08.2011

would be cool for the winter?

- Yes, clients are also worn in winter, although it is not winter boots. Here, however, we note that the issue of freezing the skin may be even more worn out rubber.

Morgana 20.06.2011

The only word that comes to mind: God ..... God God's divine!!


štěpa (Lišov) 07.03.2011

so ty sou upe Bajo


Radek (Prostějov) 27.02.2011

Could I ask how much these shoes weigh about a kilo (both)? Thanks so much for PM

- We considered the smallest and largest size: size 37 weighs 1.6 kg and size 46 equal to 2 kg.

LF (Dunajska Streda) 15.11.2010

Please do it in front of the steel?

- Yes, at the tip of the steel reinforcement.


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