ring Runeband ALCHEMY GOTHIC

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beautiful and perfectly shaped ring made of English pewter (pewter) - official product of the company Alchemy Gothic. Dimension table: .. more

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ring Runeband ALCHEMY GOTHIC

beautiful and perfectly shaped ring made of English pewter (pewter) - official product of the company Alchemy Gothic.

Dimension table:

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Ondra 3. 6. 2017 21:22:38

Hello, I wanted to ask if you plan to add the missing size specifically to W? Thanks

- Hello, if it is on stock at the supplier, it could be in the autumn.

Jackie (Havířov) 5. 8. 2014 11:54:37

Hi, will be in stock size T? Thanks

- Zdarvím, yes ring definitely add :). We complement ongoing basis so I suggest you set up a baby-size, and soon there will be in stock you will receive a email about naskaldnění your desired size.

Šaman 16. 7. 2014 01:03:49

As a pearl occurred to me that a similar idea also came a few hundred years later, a few thousand miles to the south Cyrano de Bergerac. "The rhyme nor in dogfights is not to be left behind, because you like it when I pass ballad ..." :)

Šaman 16. 7. 2014 01:00:24

It is the northern bardic ring. Bard was not only a singer (or the narrator sagas, often narrative), but also the first step to learning druid. The inscription is: SKALDSKAPR Í Bardage ER translates as: Poetry in battle is.

Jakub (Nitra) 5. 7. 2014 21:35:36

What size (in GB) I need when I measured in Goldsmith's finger and said, I have size 63? Thank you.

- We would recommend the size of T. But i still look at what the dimensions are listed in the ring :)

Jakub (Nitra) 4. 7. 2014 12:41:32

Runes mean: "Poetry in Battle"

- Sorry but in this area we are studying ;)

Lukáš (Zvolen) 12. 11. 2013 08:43:06

I am satisfied with the product came to me right now.


Daniel (Praha) 15. 10. 2013 20:14:22

Just as for zajímavoost, you do not know what the runes on a ring mean?

- I do not know, I'm not expert.

¨Vladimir (mb) 18. 8. 2013 17:35:55

rings it is possible to return if I did not sit velkikost and exchanged for another? If so (and spusob) Thanks

- Yes, it is possible. The way you write to reklamace@metalshop.cz when necessary to exchange or return products to date. ;-)

Jakub 12. 3. 2013 15:28:03

Could I ask for more pictures? I want to see all the runes on the ring. Thank you.

- Photos added as main photo remade in 3D (you can rotate the image).

MetalKitty 27. 1. 2012 20:17:34

beautiful, exactly what I was missing on Metalshop = P I hope that time will also include smaller size =)

Size chart

L 16.51 51.50
N 17.35 54.00
Q 18.59 57,80
T 19.84 61.60
W 20.68 64.10
Y 21.41 67.30


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