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A classic that does not age - Jacket "jackknife" ...more

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A classic that does not age - Jacket "jackknife"

Luxury leather jacket brand Brixton must have!

This jacket, known as the "jackknife" is made ​​of high quality cowhide, so you can wear almost all year round. Zippers, buttons and other accessories are silver in color, are made ​​of metal.

The jacket has three outside pockets and one zip pocket on the ingenious little lighter or small. Inside you will find two pockets, one of which is skillfully made ​​with a zip.

The jacket also has a leather belt with metal buckle. The shoulders are stores that allow movement. The sleeves are neatly finished metal zippers.

Approximate dimensions in cm (circumference is 2 x width), the skin adapts to use a little, so far in the table can be + - a different one cm (jacket was lying when measured on a flat surface)

waist width Armpit width
length sleeves length
50 56
52 60 63 51
53 62 66
XL 56 64 67 53
XXL 59 65 68 54
3XL 60 67 69 54
4XL 62 70 70 55
5XL 65 71 71 56

Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h

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Sandu iustinian (Ploiesti)

I can not make the return please contact me by phone 0722230275
Communication with the Romanian team is done online only. We kindly request you to email us at

Krzysztof (Wrocław )

Hello, I have a height of 182 circumference of talli 90 perimeter of frame 106 what size would suit me in your opinion
According to height and weight, we can't tell the size too much. We recommend measuring and determining the correct size according to the size chart.

Petrus (Ploiesti)

Height 1,75m, weight 95 kg, waist circumference 104cm, chest circumference 116, what size would fit me, L or XL?
Hello! We recommend size M or L. If you have any further questions, please write to us at

Mircea (Cluj)

You mean you can give me details about 6xl?
Hello! Size 6XL: waist width - 67 cm width over the chest (from one armpit to another) - 72 cm length - 71 cm sleeve - 56 cm If we can help you further, please write to us at

Mircea (Cluj)

6xl how wide is about 135 cm can you tell me?
The width is 67 cm, ie it has a circumference of 134 cm

Róbert (Topoľčany )

Hello, belt 100 cm, chest 114 cm, weight 95 kg, what size do you recommend?
Hello, thank you for your question. According to the size table, you should be satisfied with the size M.


Hello, I would be interested in a big jacket. how about to tell you, I am about 200 cm tall, would 5xl or 6 xl come to me? I have never taken off the Internet clothes, especially the motorcycle jacket. size 58-60 would come to me. I do not know how much they would come in xs.
Hello Alexander, you can decide on your own what is the size that suits you. Just look at the size table in the Product Description.

Vyacheslav (Bergen, Norway)

Perfect jacket! Is it possible to pay throurh visa e-cash cart?
Hello, Thank you for your interest. Payment Information: - Please search for "Pay by credit card".

Stjepan Lelas (Koška)

I have 111 cm in chest, waist 84 cm and I'm tall 175 cm which size would you recommend me? And if that is L, when will it come? Thanks in advance for the reply. Lijep pozdrav!
Dear Stevens, it is very difficult to recommend the size due to different materials and materials. Dimensions for L size are: breast width - 53 cm (volume / volume - 106 cm), area around the armpits - 62 cm, length - 66 cm, length of the ankle sleeve - 52 cm. And for XL your breast width is 112 cm. Also, consider that the skin will adjust to your body and that the dimensions will be slightly changed by +/- in cm. Depending on which method of payment you choose, your jacket arrives at your address within 3-5 days after receiving the mail on the package. Nice regards

Heavy Note (Wismar)

Hi, which size would be best at: 90 cm chest measurement, 51 cm length from armpit to wrist, height 177 cm? Thank you very much
The size M, which is currently out of stock but actual try the size L to order, these may suit you perfectly.

Libor (Štětí)

Now my jacket came in and fits as a glove, according to your dimensions. I made a premature Christmas. :-) Maximum satisfaction, thank you.
Hello Libor, we are very happy!

Thomas (Kirchhain)

Bullshit brings you yet L !!!
Hi, check your dimensions prior to every purchase rather in the size table.

Thomas (Kichhain)

Super leather jacket. Einfachnur a must! I recommend any of the sweater or T-shirt in L wearing the jacket in XL to order falls a bit less of why size higher so still bissle air between the belly remains ^^


OK, I'm only interested in more of your opinion is that it, chest 102 cm, waist 93 cm and a height of 185 cm.
Hello Mark, in the description of your table size. You wrote bands, and table is expressed sided length (range 2 x width). Also, the jacket is measured on a flat surface.

Marko (Karlovac)

will he come to L size?
Hello Mark, you have next to your selection the size of the link "track your selected size." By clicking on it you will enter to the menu in which you select the size that you are waiting for, and we notify you via email when it arrives. P.s. Your requested size will arrive soon:)

Karina (Banská Bystrica )

Hi I have this jacket L at home but I will not sit down if they had someone interested in selling at € 100 a little ..

Arda (İstanbul)

Hello, I am 176 cm height, my waist circumference is 90cm and shoulder circumference is 123 cm. Which size is better for me? I may use it when I wear thick wearings and My shoulder circumference will increase while waist circumference decrease later so Is L good for me or XL is a way better ? Thanks in advance
Hello, I think XL for you.

Tom (Kiel)

Hello! Wanted to ask how robust is the jacket. How thick is' to the leather? Will not windy ding buy :) Thanks
Hello, thank you for your interest in our products. The leather jacket is made of high quality cowhide, it is thick, windproof and durable :-) Regards


Hello, I measure 178 cm, waist circumference mam 90 cm, chest circumference 122 cm, 134 cm circumference Shoulder'm athletic posatvy. What size do I recommend?
Hello, try to XL.


Hello, I have a waist circumference 83 cm, chest circumference 93 cm and measures 173 cm. What size do you recommend?


Hello, I want to ask what is the difference between timhletim crooks and clasp-knife RUNNING BEAR, thus excluding 200 crown difference? Thanks.
Hello, this is for licensed merchandise from other manufacturers, so the price of the product varies. Ostatníwise, the crooks are similar only jackknife brand RUNNING BEAR is more eliminations.


Hello, I would like to ask, what size would you recommend to me on my degree: 98 cm chest circumference, waist circumference and measure 93 cm 180 cm.
You're tall, so I would therefore recommend about size L. If you sat down size is not a problem to be replaced. ;-)


zdravim size L not?
Hello, will add up to about 2-3 weeks :)

Jaroslav (Plzen)

Hello what size you recommend 106 chest, waist 90, height 180, thank you
I would recommend size L, M size you could have a short.

Vladimír (Olomouc)

Hello, what size would you recommend? chest 88, waist 85-86, height 185
The smallest size.


MEGAAA! after 3 such Bundi I have already prestriedal (and sold), this is an unbeatable the best leatherette / sidovka the world! is a quality, lightweight, well worn, good zippers, quilting flawlessly and best price ... JUST TOP! Never again will they resign! 1000 points and large MOUTH! ,-D PS: Anyone who wants to order it and not sure I recommend NOT to measure the rates themselves but somehow the jacket that you already have at home and just to sit down - to measure yourself and some other jacket makes a huge difference! This helps avoid unnecessary Sales returns stick to X-)
Thank you for your helpful post. We are glad that you are happy with the jacket. :-)


Have a good day is drawing to a first mid-March :) It must reach the working week?
They arrive on Friday, so expect additions sizes next week.


Hello, this question has already been but I would like to Spiti exactly when a new shipment arrives, it is possible that pride before the end of this week?
Bundu enter in the first half of March. On the way is a new brand sidovek. ;-)


Hello I would like to Spiti when restock?
Already very soon.


Please could you answer me, and yet when you come to a new product could come up to 2 weeks because it is just size XXXL
It is possible to arrive in two weeks, but this is not certain. Please set the baby demanded size.


What size do you recommend if I Dimensions Height-60 ... 90 - Waist 54 length from the armpits to the wrists
One of the smallest, they just do not. The table in the label is clearly processed data are in inches - width is always half the circumference. Stick to the table, please, and depart from it.

Stefun (Bratislava)

Prism-kooooooooooo! X-)
After the New Year. ;-) Set baby size S.

Michal (Žilina)

health, the size L to Christmas? I can not imagine a nicer gift for yourself in this cool classic :)
health, unfortunately not: (but we recommend:

Honza (České Budějovice)

Hello, I would like to ask you for advice on selecting the size ... waist 80 cm, chest 96 cm height 180 cm thank you for your answer
by waist size and chest size would you sat S, but the jacket is waist-S will be on your height rather short and the larger size again too wide .... :-(. Would be best to try the product and if you are not satisfied, it can be up to 14 days to return or exchange. Unfortunately we now have in stock only sizes XL and XXL, lack of size we will be adding to over the next year (February / March)

Jana (Košice)

rado as you meant?'s good or not?

rado (trencin)

Krivak brixton I have since yesterday. otherwise how super it can not be called. , a team who hesitate

Martina Furová (Uherské Hradiště)

Hello, I should be interested in this jacket for my son. Pas has 100 cm, chest 108 cm, height 182 I hesitate over L and XL. Can you help me? These sizes but you do not have in stock, you get it? I would like it to Christmas. thank you
As to 12.11. There are size L and XL in stock, I can not measure and respond to accurately. The jacket should be complete by Christmas, but it is not 100% sure. I recommend you set your watch both sizes. To appear, repeat the question, please.

Jose (Covilha)

Hello, whats the diference to the metal jacket NEW ROCK ? Also, i have 114cm chest, and 100cm waist what size is recomended?
I recommend XXL.

Jirka (Metylovice)

Hello, I have a home in sizes S, if anyone needs, please contact us on 604503241 and we can make a deal, I'll give it about 2500 :-)

Vlado (Bratislava)

Hello, I have a sweatshirt with the band about 116 cm, chest 118 cm and height 198 cm I, what size we would recommend to me? Especially with the length I tend to wave problems
Are you high, so I recommend size XL, otherwise you should just L-ko.

Ado (Humenne)

I have a jacket for about a month, fits me like a glove and look great is just a little wider than the picture but I am satisfied

,, (,,)

I have a question I tore the lining in the sleeves because it was poorly sewn begins to tear the second I wrote you an e mail I sent you pictures but I did not get an answer I would like to ask whether I am entitled to make a claim?


Hello, I would like to ask where was this tailored jacket. I watched that Brixton have recently lets network in Pakistan.
On the jacket it is not listed. We only need it jacket Brixton, which nereklamuje, because it's quite good, and clients praise her. :-)

Filip (Havl. Brod)

Hello I would like to ask what size would you recommend 177 height, waist 91, chest 103, sleeve length from armpit 57 Thank you.
You are slim and tall, so I suggest size M (smaller sizes have). Customer of the Czech Republic can legally goods exchanged or returned within 14 days from the receipt of shipment. If you did not suit jacket, is thus a problem with the return, if in order. :-)

Tomas (Usti)

Hello, mate i store? I am interested about the jacket, but still I'd rather try it before I bought it to fit like it should. Thanks for the answers
We have a store in Bystřici over Olší. Contact - viz. E-shop owner:

Aďo (Humenné)

Hello I would like to ask when will you have size s, or optionally by me sitting size M. 172 height, waist 80, Bust 110, Sleeve length from armpit 44 Thank you
I'm not sure when the size of S, because it depends on the manufacturer inventory. But try size M, maybe you fits like a glove. And if you still have concerns, I recommend a similar jacket size M, which is slightly smaller in size and M size you would probably saddle: -bear /

kiko (stara lubovna)

Hello I bought this jacket with Vas is a great recommend it :) but i have a question should treat it somehow? For example, when soaking goat?
It is recommended to buy the paste on the skin and coat polish here and there.

Peter (Bratislava)

Aloha, what size would you recommend to the height of 193 cm, waist 82 cm and 94 cm chest?
The waist and across the chest, you should feel good smallest S-ko, but at your height will determine length jacket. Sidovka should not be too long, so the hips. Decide on the length.


Jacket is very nice and I recommend it to everyone


Hi I have a problem you want to order this jacket but somehow does not fit me miry, I 171 cm, waist circumference 80 cm mam mam and chest circumference 93 and do not know if it is based on S t-shirts around but normally I buy M should be so I'm not sure what I ordered solicited wrong
Order M.


Good, I am interested in this jacket, but I would need advice regarding size: I measure 194 cm, waist circumference 108 to 110 cm, chest circumference 108-109, with out sleeves 57cm, sleeves with inner side 47cm, what size?
Size XL.

Fero (senec)

how many cm is the circumference PASV in XXL?
viz. Description: large, XXL - waist width 60 cm '= circumference x 2 = 120 cm


too bad that is not velikoct xxxl now I bought it
We XXXL - yesterday goods arrived. We still did not manage to handle, so maybe we will offer to order tomorrow.


Please when you have your size XXXL stock?
about a week

Igor (Bratislava)

Hello I wish, I would like to ask ... When do you expect to have stock size "S"?
before the end of March, you can look here - in stock S:

Petr (Lovosice)

Time is running out and the XL is still up for grabs :-( Not interested in trade or long delivery times?
sorry, unfortunately the supplier still has stock - promised at the beginning of March 2013


good I would like to know how it is with teams sizes you wrote there will be in stock on 01/25/2013 M and still not here ..
Delivery was delayed - perhaps in February. We recommend similar:


2X is the perimeter and width?


M please
January 25, 2013 will be in stock


Hello Please if you could what wide sleeves
For the size?


Hello, I ybch asked when they will be in stock 3XL. thanks for the reply
Soon - January / February. Set the watchdog.

Petr (Lovosice)

Hi, I am interested in a leather jacket, jackknife "for 3.790,-CZK size XL. Products How soon can I expect?
We should soon be complete, but I do not know if it will even be in January. Recommend similar:


Hi I wanted to ask for any leather jacket is or whether it is au ne German phone number for questions. and last question ... as must be the jacket for 193 cm tall, slender man?
Look in the description.

Laco (Nitra)

Good, will be in the size M, L? and I would like to ask from inside sidovky is what material?
Inside is polyester. The jacket should be completed soon, but if you did not want to wait, so you may deliver this:

lojzo (nitra)

Hello you still have size M??
certainly turn yes, at the end of January 2013

Mio (Galanta )

zadravim kebyze you please do it now it is ordered by chance that I came to the end of the year, cash on delivery?
Yes, but only in sizes that are in stock

Ivan (presov)

Hi all, For orders, he can be delivered to the goods of Christmas? thank you
sizes that are sure to deliver stock by Christmas :)

Michal (České Budějovice)

Hello I want to ask for recommendations sized chest circumference of waist circumference-113-116-sleeve from shoulder approx length c-60-63 will be enough for me 3XL. Thanks for the answer 'Michy.


Hello I'd like to ask what size would you recommend to me mam waist 130 cm and 130 cm chest too thanks
Try the largest size - 5XL.


It will be in stock again, size XL?
Yes, the time will add. I recommend setting a watchdog.


What size would you recommend: I have a 190, 104 cm waist and chest 110th For comparison, I took a different extent of his jacket: width at the waist :55-56 cm in width armpit: 62 cm length: 68 cm Sleeve Length: 49 cm will be enough for me size XL?
Try a size XL.

kanar (Kysucké nové mesto)

I do not know which vibrates I have a 75 waist and chest the 86th bi can you help me? plus I still kebi sweatshirt.
And that you specify the width, or girth?


I have a 126 in the waist and chest about 130 what size is right for me
The width of the arms is not a problem here, but the band corresponding to the largest size 5XL, so either you do not have to figure this type jackets, or try to 5XL. I do not know how you will meet the other dimensions, but you could try. The goods can be exchanged within the statutory period or return.

Zoli (štúrovo)

I need help because I do not know how to operate the extent. Waist and chest around 120 to 125 dressed (shirt and pullover), height 184 cm.
I recommend XXL.

Michal (Praha 4)

Well, I'll go ahead XL. I plan to wear it all year long ... So at worst tribute I change if I will seem much larger. Thank you

Michal (Praha 4)

Hello, I can not decide between sizes XL and XXL. My rates are: Vísky 183 cm, waist circumference 100 cm, chest 103, length hand in the armpit 50th But it'd probably be inclined to XL.
I would rather based on size L, but winter is approaching, so if you wear a sweater under the jacket, it might be a better choice indeed size XL.

Tom (Bratislava)

Good, I am interested in this jacket, but I would need advice regarding size: I measure 194 cm, waist approx 118 cm, chest circumference of approximately 104, with out sleeves 66cm, sleeves with inner side 52cm, if Niaki what I was so aka size?

Jaroslav (Senec)

It could not be produced 6XL - surcharge?
There was - makes it abroad and manufacture our hands.


So I add to the question, when will you have available and the size of the M? (If at all ...)
, Preseed see discussion below 9.10: This model is not available in sizes M, but would recommend a different product:


May I ask when it will be in stock size L?
Certainly not in the autumn. I recommend setting a watchdog.


Dajak only slowly thereafter are responsive ... ;)
This model is not available in sizes M, but we recommend a different product:

Jindřich (Liberec)

connecting to the size of the query M. thank you!
This model is not available in sizes M, but we recommend a different product:


When you have size M in stock?
This model is not available, but we recommend product in size M


Good, I am interested in this jacket, but I would need advice regarding size, the width of my waist 52, chest 56, and the length of sleeve from underarm 51 (if I measured it right .. ;), so what size should I order? (Otherwise things I wear size M)
Order a size M :-)

palinko (Nové Mesto)

Good day, I wanted to ask that what size would you advise me on my rates? width at the waist: 82, Width underarm: 92, length: 63, sleeve length from padpazušia: 59
If you specify the width and the width at the waist in podpazuší circuit, so definitely size S.

sima (fr)

and one more question, the difference in price if you order the products online or purchase right at your shop??
prices on the internet and in the physical store are the same

sima (Frýdek-Místek)

Good, I want to ask if I came into your shop in Stone Bystřice you've got all sizes to try out these crooks?? I wanted him for a friend for Christmas and do not dare post. Oh, and all you have on the website is there?? or have a merch store somewhere if I discovered something for myself thank you

Eva (Brno)

Ajo ... Brixton.

Eva (Brno)

Hello, who is the manufacturer of this jacket? Thank you
Exactly, Brixton. :-)

adam (Košice)

Hello, I want to book this jacket, what size should I order if I have chest circumference 103 cm, waist 94 cm, sleeve length from armpit is 55 cm and length of jacket is 68 cm. Thank you.
All measurements are listed in table size, but the dimensions that you specify, you would have MEETS size S, except for length, which is the size S is shorter than you give, but this jacket's waist. If you should have any questions, please write to or ambiguity

Juraj Franek (Púchov)

Good day. I would like to know what size I should order. The waist I measured a 95 cm, armpit 91, length 59 cm, and sleeve length from armpit 49 cm. Early odpovedďakujem.
If the dimensions of 95 and 91 cm are circuits, so you will suffice S.

Lucinka (Bratislava)

the jacket is only Panska, or even for a woman? : P


Hello, is 178 cm.naměřil I width at the waist 52, arm width 58, length 68, sleeve length from armpit 45th possible is that I stupidly změřil.ale approximately správně.když will be taken into account that the tim I'll probably still have a sweatshirt (I get the size of M), and probably the backbone protector motorku.Jakou size would you recommend?
Try a size L. If you were not, you can replace the jacket. ;-)

petr (Plzeň)

Hello, I would like to know the approximate weight. Thank you
2 - 2.5 kg (depending on size).


Hi, your table is based on my size M, but the length of the sleeve from armpit 58 cm and I wonder whether the ordinary sleeves long enough? Because you do not have peace in my table. Thank you for your answer
Armholes are wide enough, so they should match the sleeves, if you any other good size for size M. Try to order a jacket and see. Purchased products can be legally exchanged or returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods (for Slovak customers, the same applies in the 7-day period).


How do you measure the length of the jacket, it is from the inset collar?
Yes, from the inset collar.

Iron Maiden (Ústí nad Labem)

will sometimes discounted
In the near future, certainly not.

Bon Jovi

Please you are going to undo those those shoulders so I could attach a chain there?
Yes, the shoulders go unbuckling the strap on patents.

Snippsi (Svinaře)

what is this table? me is 15 and proceed out me your tables? I have a 65 in the waist, chest and 70th .. me it does not seem enough ... Thanks for your reply :) Neak
Try a size S.

Izzy (Kolín)

as it is with the drbnutým strip down? can be removed somehow so I can wear without having to open it there bimbal the tape?
Not pull them back sewn.

viktor (komarno)

I have by this vas sidovku and wears it still is very kvalitna.som spokojny with it.

Martin (Malá Hraštice)

Hello, may I ask if the jackknife something dirty soon what do I wash? A jackknife can be washed in the washing machine? And when I would sit jackknife goes back (and when it back)? Thank you in advance for your answer.
It's a leather jacket. Do not put the skin into the washing machine. When erases and some rather clean cloth or. to the cleaners. Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods in the Czech Republic and within 7 days of receipt of the Slovak Republic.

Petr (Praha)

must be a good day when it's leather jackknife to delete something cracking?
It can be treated with the skin.

Jaki (BA)

will have size S pls?
today / 20.12.2011 / crooks should come, so maybe size S - register a watchdog - now get info

Patrik (Dolny Lopasov)

You now have the near future, size M?
January 2012

Adriana Kuklová (Tlmače)

Hello, I would like to order this jacket son. But I do not know what size - it does not fit me nothing. Width at the waist under your table as measured? Because if I measure my waist overall pretty slim son has a 78 cm strip of the table or do not provide. Its dimensions ie waist is 78, chest 90, sleeve length from underarm is 50cm. Please advise me what size respectively. how to measure - thank you.
Try it ordered the smallest size, ie S.

michal (zilina)

These are the specially nake extent unknown ... crap or Niaki mistake Can you tell me or write exactly the size of L ka Tebo those listed I do not ..... thanks: D
I changed the dimensions label and rewrote the table when it should already be much clearer. ;-)

Tonda (Třešť)

And what size? I have a shirt from you Kiss XL and I just, I can take a jackknife XXL?
Refer to the table and its dimensions.

Tonda (Třešť)

Is it cold in winter? I will now make the decisions over the jacket and Tadla is of course after vzhlové best site, but what practical page.
It's winter jacket, but jackknife worn nonstop. When under him, dressed couple layer and a sweatshirt, so you will not be cold. :-)

viktor (komarno)

5 xl ka dawned on me and I'm good.

Pepan (Třebenice)

I measured the actual length (on the body) I mentioned the length of the jacket. But I have come to relatively the same result. The difference was less than 2 cm.
Try a size S or M.

Pepan (Třebenice )

Hello, I would like to buy this jacket, but I have a problem. According to the table I was at waist S-ko big and long sleeves so I need 8x: D So, I wonder where exactly do I measure the length of the sleeves. I tried to measure the length of the jacket and I have come to the value of 60 cm. My overall extent the following table: 45-50-72-60. Thanks for the advice :)
Sleeve length is measured from armpit down. But take into account that the seam in the armpit when clothes from a real armpit still a bit away, so there must reckon with a certain tolerance (the shorter dimension). Goods can be up to 14 of receipt of shipment to exchange or return (for Slovak customers pays a 7-day period).

Mišo (poprad)

Viktor have been here I 5XL bundu.A is good, because they have only stock 4XL

marty (libomyšl)

Hey. The waist mam 88 cm, armpit 100cm, armpit and since I have about 60 cm. But this sort of rzměry found over here.
Apparently you can order a size S. extent could also recommend to note the order and let the jacket to measure some of the warehouse before shipment, or suggest a different size.

viktor (kn)

still there ....: (

Mišo (poprad)

Viktor hi have you received the depreciation thank 5XL.

Mišo (Poprad)

Hi there Viktor yet there has nothing've got to have nerves
In this case, simply write to, but I think that he's dealt with you colleague. ;-)

viktor (komarno)

you ran out of miso 5XL ka?

viktor (komarno)

sent a reply that under the Commercial podm.musim to wait 30 dni.neda is nothing of the fact robit.ale xxxl com oznacene.dufam was wrong of me to the co XXXXXL.

Mišo (Poprad)

Viktor has come to you the Sidovka 5xl.Lebo Tom wrote that we have in stock 5XL 4XL and do not just do not know if it will be my thank dobre.Napiš

Mišo (Poprad)

Thank you Victor for advice, because I could not decide whether or 3XL 5xl.Lebo according to my description pripada 3XL 5xl.Moj son more than me drake n. 58 and we had, and when it is governed according to the Brixton 3XL to sit by MMOHut . Again, I thank you

viktor (komarno)

miso, xxxl ka ta good you will not, that is not a good description for xxxl com, the sleeves and the back of the back is very mala.xxxxxl by trebalo.

Mišo (Poprad)

Hi Tom obiednal I sidovku xxxl, but I fear that we will know exactly mala.To is the problem of what I Viktor Komarna.Mam also 115kg.prosim $ 193 and you send him to my Shalom. Mame almost here Ist postavu.Dakujem.
Viktor I've actually answered above, but rather try her. If you do not comply, we will replace it, no problem. ;-)

viktor (komarno)

I got it, but unfortunately I'm male, the size of what was written does not match, the messenger back.'s can be replaced for XXXXXL.? thank you
Request to send, please.

viktor (komarno)

no I'm just asking because I would like my order and size are according to tables 63-70-60-51 and it would give me just enough xxxl according to this, you know you help me?
If you like this comes, subscribe to XXXL. I recommend bring their rates too to note the order. Before sending the jacket measures the storekeeper.

viktor (komarno)

Hello, it is possible that they have XXXL and XXXXL sizes 62-74-68-52 60-69-68-49? jeto or stym the xxxl is higher but poorer characters and XXXXL ko is yavalitu character? thank you
Each piece is slightly different in size. When a colleague formed label, probably pieces that were made available, they really such an extent. The easiest way is to order size and most likely in the order notes indicate your degree. Before sending the warehouseman or jacket and remeasured. selects the appropriate size.


Luxurious jacket :-)

viktor (komarno)

I have 196 cm, 100 kg, 60 cm long arms on the inside, or do you think XXXXL XXXXXL ko would be good for me? wouldnt make it big
Select the size according to the dimensions of the labels and notes to your order, specify the extent (width armpit, back length, the length of the sleeve from the shoulder and armpit). Preparing warehouseman will surely be a primary note and select the appropriate size, which measures the additional course etc.

Zuzana (Prešov)

I would like to ask how long it took me by the jacket got home, when I order it now ... And one more question, buy the jacket to a friend's birthday and I do not know the extent, but has the same jacket but Kenvela where you bought it many years ago already, but he feels that it is his little ... She had no L. When I took it and now XL would be great for him, I can replace it? Thank you for your answer :-)
Bundu prepare to ship within two business days. Until next two days max will be a package delivered. Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of shipment.

Petr (Kladno)

I have a question, what is the difference when the zipper on the right or left? it has a meaning?
It has meaning.

Filip (Bratislava)

And that's how you have to measure from the collar so it above or below the collar? I am a bit ruff constructed?
Under the collar.

filip (Bratislava)

's numbering is not a "s" dako misspelled whiskey from 68? dako too right?
When the label was created, had S-ko definitely a length, otherwise it would not write labels to a colleague. Recommend measures to bring their notes when you order a jacket. Match your requirements.

PauliI (Výton)

It is a luxury .. =)) = P

roky (malacky)

Similarly, I have nice :)
vel. Velikost Oblečení: S
vel. Veľkosť: S
vel. XL
vel. XXL
vel. L
vel. L
vel. L
vel. XXXL
vel. S-Xxxxxxl: M
vel. S-Xxxxxxl: XXXL
vel. M
vel. L
vel. XXL
vel. S
vel. M
vel. XXL
vel. XL