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jacket men (leather jacket) OSX - 113

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This jacket, known as the "jackknife" is made of high quality cowhide, so you can wear almost all year round (long life and durability). The lining is made of comfortable polyester. Zippers, buttons and other accessories are silver in color, are made of metal.

The jacket has three outside pockets and one zip pocket on the ingenious little lighter or small. Inside you'll find one pocket. The jacket also has a leather belt with metal buckle. The sleeves are neatly finished metal zippers.
Composition: leather, metallic silver accessories.
Approximate dimensions in cm (circumference is 2 x width) skin using a bit adapts so far in the table can be + - a different one cm (jacket was lying when measured on a flat surface)

chest  width (from armpit to armpit)
waist width

jacket's length (collar to jacket bottom edge)

Sleeves length sleeve length from the shoulders sleeves' length measured from the neck shoulders width armhole width
56 49 66 46 64 78 47 28
58 51 66 46 65 80 49 28
44(L) 60 53 69 49 66 82 50 30
46(XL) 63 55 70 49 68 58 50 31
48(XXL) 64 56 71 50 67 86 47 31
50(3XL) 68 58 72 50 69 88 53 32
52(4XL) 68 60 74 51 70 90 54 32
54(5XL) 72 63 74 52 71 88 55 33

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Daniel (Slaný)

Hello, Are you sure that you do not sell the OSX 38 / XS size skype? I am not one of the largest and Jane meet my degrees. Can you please list the dimensions? If it was not possible size to order an XS via e-shop, should I jump to try out at a Prague shop where she is obviously snooped?
Hello, thank you for your inquiry. Size 38 / XS we offer. Dimensions are: - width chest 53 cm - width in the waist 45 cm - length jackets 63 cm - length sleeve from armpit 45 cm - sleeve length from the shoulders 61 cm - shoulders width 45 cm You can order the jack online. If you want to try your jacket, you can order it at the store, try it out and evaluate it.

Tomáš (Nitra)

Hello, this crunch is Made in England? Or Pakistan or ina country?
Hello Tomas, all leather products are produced outside of England.

Hugo (Aveiro)

In case of the size fits to big can we send him back for a shorter one?
Hello, we don't provide exchanges. But you can send bought product back and ask for refund. Then you can place a new order for another size, other items etc.


Hello, I would like to ask what dimensions has a size 38 / XS. Thank you for your response.
Hi Dana, vel. 38 do not offer nor we did not know the dimensions.

Thomas (Kiel)

Hello! What is the the difference between this jacket and "Jacket leather" Leather Jacket "- Brixton"?
Hello, there really are not many differences. It is different clothing brands and the Brixton jacket has 2 pockets.

Loki (Praha)

Hello. When will there be ordered size M / L? Optionally, it is possible to test both the size Stepanska and optionally rezhodnout? Thank you very much
Some crooks have recently arrived, just being processed. It is possible that specify both demanded size. I set you watch. If the jacket in the M / L added, get info email. ;-)

Odznak (BA)

In the table below please mistake in width apart for XXL? XL has in fact increased with the width (50 cm) as XL (47 cm), because I've got arms like a beast and I have therefore lately problems jackets, and if the XXL brimming with crab legs and I need that. And yet I would like to ask how it is with space in the sleeves because a lot of my jackets cut biceps and even terribly big it I have not.
I recommend you order a size XXL. Purchased goods can be exchanged or returned within 7 days of receipt of the shipment, and now we also have an action that changing your Christmas shopping until January 15, 2015, so the jacket order, try, and if necessary. replace if you did not fit. ;-)

Vlad (Bratislava)

I could ask the right photo shows Dako red line which was measured as length? So I knew it appropriate to measure against his old jacket. How hideous high Opach because I have enough problems with the length jackets
The label is not yet clearly stated. :-) Writes: length jackets (under the collar to bottom of jacket). Just across the middle of the back under the collar. ;-)


Thank you Could you send me some photos of what it looks like in reality? Somehow I can not imagine, I hope you neotravujem.Môj the e-mail is Aiwory @ center,,, en
As I answered below, these pictures are ours. The jacket was shot on Michal our photographer, so it looks exactly like the pictures.


I got similar from K-cero or where it tightened so me of the bottom pretrča as tuna in the picture but again if you take the strain so I hang the belt, but again I hardly ever I do not use it :)


I did not find anything about this brand, so I do not know whether I would kvalitná.Chcel Spit if it's really the only sticking sidovka below the belt? It seems to me somewhat narrow.
The jacket is good quality. These are our photos, so the picture is taken directly to one of the pieces that we have in stock.
vel. Ostatni: 42/M
vel. Ostatni: 42/M