shoes ALTERCORE - 10dírkové - Black

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10-hole boots by ALTER CORE made of genuine leather coated in black. The main difference with these shoes is that the sole is not only glued with leather with a quality glue as is the case with most of today's shoes, but it is also stitched and thus .. more

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shoes ALTERCORE - 10dírkové - Black

10-hole boots by ALTER CORE made of genuine leather coated in black.

The main difference with these shoes is that the sole is not only glued with leather with a quality glue as is the case with most of today's shoes, but it is also stitched and thus achieves maximum quality connection and durability of the shoe. (The stitching, of course, does not affect the aesthetics of the shoe - it is outside the shoe and cannot be seen).

The outsole also has much better mechanical properties thanks to the rubber used - it is stronger and does not slip so quickly, it also has much better winter capabilities.

Composition: leather, metal, sole is made of quality rubber.

There is a metal reinforcement in the toe of the shoe (finger protection).

Black colour.

Shoe height approx.: 23,5cm.
Height of the sole under the heel: approx. 3,2cm.

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S (D. K. ) 2. 10. 2017 21:45:11

Good, on a foot length of 28 cm do you recommend what size? Well thank you.

- Hello, thank you for your inquiry. Jane recommend anything on the length of the leg beDovod it is not an accurate measurement. It is necessary to come out of the length of the inner insole (boot inserts) and not the legs. ;-)

Amber (Pula) 8. 6. 2017 01:59:17

How long in centimeters is the insole of size 39 and 40?

- 39 to 25.9 cm; 40 to 26.5 cm

Tim 6. 12. 2016 13:02:41

Hi, what length insole of size 37, 38? Thanks

- Hi, it's 23,5 cm and 24 cm.

Mihael (Varaždin) 19. 11. 2016 08:21:21

Hello, I have a leg width of 9 cm and length of 22 cm, what do you recommend although wear number 40? Thank you

- Dear, the length of the inner sole of the shoe ALTER CORE - 10 pinhole - Black - 551 is approximately 26 cm. Unfortunately, we do not have the exact width, but we hope that this will help in the selection. :)

Tomáš 10. 3. 2016 17:48:17

Hello, my leg is 26 cm long and 9 cm wide, what size would you recommend? Thank you for answer.

- Hello shoe size 40 is 26 cm and the size 41 has a 26.5 cm :) Ostatníwise you can try the shoes on some of our stone shops :)

Mariachiara (Padua. Italy.) 29. 1. 2016 11:20:09

Hi everybody! Just bought Altercore Burgundy Rub off 10 holes and I'm really very satisfied! I have a question for these boots BLACK 551: SIZE 46, can you please tell me the length and width of the inner sole? Thank you!

- The length of the inner sole of size 46 is 29,5 cms.

KLOP 31. 10. 2014 18:51:50

really are sewn? And not lying slag? :)

- Include quilts, but most are glued joints.

anonim uj (nitra) 11. 10. 2014 21:04:23

you know that someone is nice they walk like a beast but when you depreciated to question the bot steel have written that they have a lot of repeats vidrzat VELA.

- I do not know how it is measured "vela", but definitely shoes will last 2 years. If not, you can claim is without problems, because the deadline complaint relates specifically to a period of 2 years from purchase. If not last two years and has shown the manufacturing defect, so you are entitled to repair, new products, a replacement or a refund. I really do not know how to answer you better. I know people who are able to walk in shoes three years, but equally I know people who are capable of the same shoes every six months to destroy - walking style etc..

klop 14. 9. 2014 17:45:22

both here Citam comments so glad not to carry them every day. with my Canadian vz.60 problemi I knew and I wore them every day the

- I also have these experiences. I think a lot of it depends on the person who wears shoes. One goes gently, the other excuse like a beast and then they wonder why his shoes last. ;)

anonim uj (nitra) 7. 9. 2014 19:53:47

It is worth no data for 85.36 euros. because I would not want to buy a piece of junk as steel. I want to withstand at least the three years. so I want SPITE of whether it is a wise investment.

- I have no personal experience with them (I wear Steel and so far I'm satisfied - I is 5 years), but the claim period is 24 months for manufacturing defects, so do not risk it again so much. Try. :-)

anonim uj (nitra) 7. 9. 2014 19:51:49

is a Polish brand. But are they really good?

- They are of good quality. When are they will take good motorcyclee of, regularly ventilate, clean globin and you will not walk in them nonstop (shoe needs rest to dry out well inside and outside) and can withstand without prlbémů three years or longer.


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