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Frequently asked questions

Postage & Delivery

The price for which you order the goods is the final one, we do not add any VAT nor anything else. The postage is added to the total price always before you send the binding order. See additional delivery and postage details. One way or the other, we grant a free shipping delivery for orders of £100 or more!

That's the time we need to process your order, eg. to pack and send the products. After that it depends on the delivery company how much time it will take to deliver the package.

Goods & Availability

All of our sortiment is divided into nine categories as seen below:

In specific category you may choose sex, then continue and select subcategory, favourite band, brand or your size in the left menu.

You may also choose to search with key words using the search window next to the terrific Nosferatu logo.

All of the products displayed on our website are in stock and physically present in our store. If you haven't found the size you need, just follow the website, it may occur latter since we change our current stock quite often. Feel free to email us and ask for eventual availability of said sizes. We simply DO NOT sell products that aren't physically in stock.

Let us repeat once more that the number of days displayed by the products means only the time we need to process your order, e.g. to pack and send it.  The rest depends fully on the shipper. However we will inform you via email about dispatching your ordered goods at the moment we send them.

Discount Vouchers

Problems with Purchasing

First of all check whether your order meets the minimal order value of £10 (shipping excluded); if so then please check if your browser supports Javascript and eventually try another browser and/or computer. If it still doesn't work, you may choose to send your order to us via email. Just copy the content of your cart.

Just log in and click on your nickname button in the upper right corner.

Guarantee & Products Return

Special Benefits for Registered Users

Of course there are! Our registered customers will benefit from number of attractive discounts; to name a few:

  • The option to upload your own photos = discount of £2 for your next purchase!
  • You will have the option to participate in various competitions opened for registered users only.
And that is only the beginning! (:

Users's Pics

Please, first of all check if it's even possible to upload pictures for the product you've chosen and also if we still have the product in our offer. The picture needs to have its sides in 4:3 or 3:4 ratio, so that it may be displayed always in the same way. Practically it means that its measurements must be in those multiples. e.g. longer side 400px to shorter one 300x; or 800px to 600px etc.

We generaly don't and won't approve every given picture - imagine how would it look like then? Already approved pictures might be the best inspiration though.  Some of the basic rules are:

  • the product must be in the picture
  • the user must be in the picture
  • the picture should be original, well taken and express "something"

That's why! :) We don't really want too many similar pictures of the same product but rather a set of original and unique ones. One way or the other, you will always receive the reason of approval / diapproval via email. It's useless to ask us why your picture was not approved - we won't have an acces to the picture anymore and also it's generally a decision of a group of people.

Simply enough! After adding your products to the cart, simply choose which bonus you would like to use on that particular order and then continue to the payment. You'll see that the final price is automatically lowered! (Please note that you can use only one bonus per order).